Lots of stories of interest are in the news. I present a few here in the “news and quiz” format you’ve seen at FORCES before (featuring a quiz on the final news item listed.)
1.) Al Gore ties the Myanmar cyclone to global warming. Ah, that old black magic has us in its spell.

What we always knew as Burma has had its name mysteriously transformed to Myanmar, and now Al Gore has prestidigitally tied the cyclone which hit Myanmar to global warming, a very cheap trick.

However, it seems that tawdry sleight-of-hand is not believed by everyone, as indicated by the poll at the close of this article, which indicates a sizable majority of the voters do not buy Al Gore’s malarky.

It’s refreshing to see that most people are not flat out stuporous. More of them should be enraged however. We need to fight back.

The cyclone tragedy killed many thousands of people and should not be capitalized on for ideological propaganda. Gore and the rest of the “global warmers” are patently fanatical and simply shameless. (Article) (stored)

2.) A Pennsylvanian columnist deplores the Nanny State including smoking bans. Is anybody listening? (Article) (stored)

3.) Our own Roger Swafford speaks up for smokers in Alabama in response to a Times-Journal article of May 9th, 2008, in which it is stated, "Some hospitals, including DeKalb Regional Medical Center, have banned smoking inside a person’s own vehicle if it’s on hospital property … Roger Swafford of Forces Alabama, a smoker’s rights group, said the smoking ban demonstrates the hospital’s complete lack of concern for their patients.”

Roger is quoted further: “Visitors that are smokers and willing to adhere to the hospital policy will likely shorten visits … Hospitals should have a designated area for visitors and staff members who choose to use a legal product."

The CEO of DeKalb Regional says federal law prohibits smoking within 30 feet of the entrance to any hospital. These Antis are positively delusional. I’ve never heard of any federal law remotely like this. Nobody I know has either: I checked. Apparently Antis now believe that anything they dream up is law the minute they dream it. Then the newspapers print it!

The CEO does admit: “We’ve had people to say they will choose to get their healthcare elsewhere over this policy.” You bet! (Article) (stored)

4.) Twenty bluenoses at San Jose (California) State University want a smoke-free campus so the administration falls all over itself to do their bidding! Once again the carping of the snotty few eliminates reason for all. What about all the rest of the students? Apparently the student body was polled and four hundred young people signed the petition against smoking on campus. Why didn’t those four hundred show up at the meeting? The twenty instigators showed up. Did anybody start a petition for freedom? This is California so of course not.

We read that: "The members [of something called the Smoke-free Policy Committee] said the administration is reluctant to approve the policy partly because it might hurt the number of SJSU applicants." You bet again, but nevertheless, the carping will continue, and this being California, expect the administrators to cave in to it. Are there any in California who respect freedom? We at FORCES know a few. The rest had better come out of hiding. (Article) (stored)

5.) Now to the final news item with a fun quiz. This story applies once again to San Jose State University. A “health and safety grievance” has been filed with university administration which has nothing to do with smoking. Those who tremble for their health and safety want something else that is perfectly normal and pleasurable also banned on the campus.

Is there anything these people don’t want banned? Probably not. These are the crazed and hypocritical “zero risk” nihilists who are going to ban their own existence ultimately. They’re very close to that now. Pick the latest item slated for banning from the SJSU campus from the list below. Yes, as always, it’s hard to believe, but it’s really there on the list:

a) Walking on the grass.
b) Walking too fast.
c) Loud speech.
d) Any speech.
e) Inappropriate touching.
f) Any touching.
g) Cell phone use within ten feet of others.
h) Any cell phone use.
i) Automobiles within twenty feet of building entrances.
j) Automobiles within campus boundaries.
k) Pets brought into buildings.
l) Pets brought into the campus.
m) Throwing balls on campus.
n) Tossing Frisbees on campus.
o) Walking more than three abreast on campus.
p) Motorcycles on campus.
q) Mopeds on campus.
r) Bicycles on campus.
s) Unattended children on campus.
t) Any children on campus.
u) Playing boom-boxes on campus.
v) Running up or down staircases.
w) Walking up or down staircases counter to traffic.
x) Whistling.
y) Gum chewing.
z) Going to the bathroom.

This is from California so any answer is possible but you’ll find the crazily correct one when you click: (Article) (stored)



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