At the beginning of May 2008 an important meeting took place in Holland (click here and here for further information). The meeting ended with the signing of the Aldebaran Treaty.

For the first time in history the Treaty sealed the alliance of a number of regional and national organizations that, up to that point, were acting independently and locally against Tobacco Control in particular and against Prohibition in general. Subsequently, that resulted in the creation of TICAP (The International Coalition Against Prohibition), incorporated in the United Kingdom but with a truly international scope in action and participation.

The TICAP organization has been working long and hard to create a milestone conference: the 1st International Conference Against Prohibition, by the title “Smoking Bans and Lies”. This conference – hopefully the first one of a triad that will concern food control and the upcoming alcohol repression – is the beginning of a properly organized, funded and structured political action – stemming from grass-root instead of special commercial interests, such as those of Big Tobacco – to oppose the otherwise inevitable outcome of the current international historical trend: the prohibition of tobacco and the full criminalization of its users.

It is now glaringly clear that the dangerous mentality of zero tolerance, prohibition and lifestyle control has been embraced by governments. That mentality, steadily fueled by the pharmaceutical giants and the World Health Organization, is based on relentless propaganda and false scientific information by health institutions all over the world. The institutions of public health have undergone a transformation before our eyes: they have changed from entities providing care for patients to ideological centres that impose non-scientific beliefs, behaviour control and – literally – blackmail (as in denial of medical attention) on those who do not share a philosophical view that health trumps all rights and realities, including personal liberties, economies, and even real science.

The extreme danger coming from that mentality – a 21st century version of the Nazi mentality – need not be described here since the results have been thoroughly documented in history books. It is sufficient to say that the conference itself was difficult to organize because of the fear instilled in private entities and even the press when showing disagreement with the public health establishment on policies and ideology. Public health institutions and its political drones do not hesitate to use slander and libel, all kind of reprisals and vicious ad hominem attacks in a display of ideological fanaticism that once again is reminiscent of bygone totalitarian times. Today’s public health is totally unrelated to science, civility or peaceful coexistence between citizens of different values and persuasions. Public health openly promotes hatred and contempt for citizens who drink, smoke or who are fat, institutionalized under the process of “social denormalization” .

Those are the reasons why this conference is exceedingly important. Those are the reasons why YOU must participate. Click here and subscribe. Click here and sponsor. Click here and donate (we will turn your donation to TICAP). We must restore institutions to their original mandates and integrity, so that we can live in freedom and peace. We must do that for ourselves and for future generations. You can afford to ignore this conference only if you think that it is right that, one day soon, the lifestyle police will knock at your door (or smash it open!) to check your fridge for the proper food and your place for illegal alcohol and tobacco – and even to check if your dog is too fat and has been walked "property", and that’s no joke.

Thank you for your attention.






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