A year and a half after we filed a lawsuit and despite having received no ruling, the opposing law firm has figured out a way to bilk the City of Madison and its residents.

On January 29th, 2007, three citizens of Alabama filed suit against the City of Madison for the way in which they passed their Ordinance banning smoking. Since ordinance No. 2006-198 the was in litigation, the City Council repealed and replaced it with Ordinance 2007-41! We have no idea how it was possible to replace an Ordinance which hadn’t even been in effect, but by the miracle of modern progressivism, this was accomplished. We also have no idea why, after having a Hearing into this matter, that NO RULING by the judge was ever handed down.

Our attorney assures us that he has never seen a case like this with no ruling. Now, miraculously, the opposing law firm has popped up, over a year and a half later, spewing out reams and reams of paper work for us to fill in, and charging Madison residents hundreds of dollars per hour for this paperwork. We felt obliged to inform Madison residents of this situation, so we spoke at the council meeting on the night of October 13th.

My friend informed the residents that they were being ripped off and bilked. I spoke first and stated that we had no intention of this happening nor did we even know how this was possible. Breaking with convention, we turned and faced the audience as we spoke as we are tired of talking UP to those people on their platform. We hope that others will do the same. We are trying to show disdain for council officials and are informing the public rather than pleading to the council.

As it now stands, the opposing law firm has requested that we the plaintiffs pay all costs for this action, with prejudice.

This will teach a lesson to all citizens of Alabama to never mess with authority, or else!!



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