The National Smoking Day went well in England as festive multitudes disobeyed fraud-based antismoking laws. More information is coming in as we write. We will keep you posted as we resume regular publication next week.

Of course, had Anti forces succeeded in quashing the British event, there would be press releases and coverage galore in the mainstream media. Instead, widespread disobedience was successful and vaunted attempts at a crackdown were not, thus Anti and her media minions have nothing to say. Kowtowing media must show that they are making their best effort to suppress any and all information favourable to smokers, they must not indicate that smokers are getting sufficiently organized to make prohibition fail, so their silence is indeed golden in our eyes. The people are awakening to the hateful menace of antismoking, they are disgusted, they are resisting. That is what is happening and this shall continue.

Anti calls on the press at her convenience but she can never resist plain raving. Our British friends have forwarded to us an item of hate mail we’ll share with you here. This was sent to the National Smoking Day e-mail address by a “gentleman” (so to speak) at 11:00 PM on the 31st of December, while Brits throughout the nation proudly and happily broke the law by smoking in public places. The letter oozes with the "hate juice" that the “public health” scum has managed to distil in the most weak-minded members of the public, thanks to false information on the consequences of smoking on health. “Public health” delights in providing excuses for hatred.

The letter’s juvenile title reads: What a bunch of retards you people are

And the author proceeds (including a web reference to FORCES):

"I guess what they say about smokers is right, smokers don’t care about anybody except for their addictive drug. I hope you smokers end up in jail where you belong do you have at least any considerate for non smokers, why should non smokers have to breathe in your smoke it is your smoke and not theirs. You people are sad for sure and you will not get anywhere at all like you think you will. Also people making these laws are not Nazis like this website has but I guess smoker will call other people Nazis. Don’t forget Nazis killed a lot of people and people making these laws are trying to protect non smokers. Smokers are the ones that are harming and killing people so you can actually say smokers are the ones closer to Nazis. This is a war against smokers and this will continue also like it or not smokers are losing this battle."

Naturally enough, all the stereotypes of the Nazi mind-set are present in this letter that says that “public health” does not take its ideology from the Nazi era, which it most certainly does, as a matter of well documented fact. First of all, “smokers don’t care”, very much as it was said that Jews “did not care” about using their capital to exploit people. Second, one can see that the freedom to choose between smoking and non-smoking places is not even considered, for this would remove the justification for hatred. Third is another essential element to justify hatred: the junk science, the same methods beloved of eugenic social engineers, past and present. It is crystal clear that the dangers of passive smoking are a fraud – but it is a fraud that this reader – and what he represents – desperately needs, the only alternative being realisation that he and his ilk are just a bunch of hateful bastards.

From that stems the accusation that “smokers are the ones that are harming and killing people” while not even one death can be demonstrated to be caused by active smoking, let alone "passive smoking," a prohibitionist device that puts the "fatal glass of beer" of America’s alcohol prohibition era to shame. The writer then typically mixes up non-smokers with pathological antismokers like himself, while there is a profound difference between the two: the non-smoker is simply a person who does not smoke, while the antismoker is the fascistic bastard who hates. Then, in fact, comes the confirmation, and the only truthful thing in this letter: “This is a war against smokers and this will continue”.

We know that well – and we can reply that this is now also a war against antismokers and it will continue until their putrid species goes back into the social and ideological sewers where it has belonged since, during, and long before the era of the Third Reich. Hate-based campaigns have raged throughout history. Today fanatical antismoking, like the Nazis early in WWII, advances apace, this is surely true – but it is also true that, the more that troops advance, the more they need supply lines and force dilution to maintain the conquered territories.

Recall what happened to Hitler’s forces when they got close enough to Moscow to see its lights. Their support system collapsed, and we know the rest: the oh-so "pure" and "superior", racist and healthist Nazis were wiped from the face of the Earth. In a different kind of war, American alcohol prohibition expanded to total control – but after many decades of anti-alcohol proselytizing, fear-mongering, hate-mongering, indoctrination, lobbying, and tyrannizing, it was brought down in a short 14 years. Carrie Nation always was a sick joke. People came to see that, they resisted, they won.

So, bank on this, hateful antismokers: we will wear antitobacco out, we will keep resisting until the human and financial costs of oppressing us will be impossible to bear. The antismoking cartel can keep stealing public money but there will never be enough money, frauds, propaganda, or tyranny, to extinguish the human spirit. It is time to deal with the institutional problem and we will. Whatever it takes, we shall expose the frauds, and the fraudsters, we shall always smoke right in their faces, and when we have firmly and finally humiliated today’s properly-called antismoking Nazis, we shall do to them what they are doing to us.

We gladly say to all antismokers who care to visit FORCES: what is rightfully ours will be legally ours again, and oh, just by the way – we hate you too.

For upcoming news on continuing disobedience to the antismoking laws in the UK visit Freedom To Choose



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