The antismoking propaganda encourages us to believe that, if it wasn’t for smoking, lung cancer would be a rare disease; in short, they want us to believe that smoking “causes” lung cancer.

That is in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary – a mountain that looms larger every day. In the United States, for example, in spite of the number of smokers being reduced by nearly 50% over the last 40 years (can you believe that so many people are gullible?…), the frequency of lung cancer has basically not changed. If smoking “caused” lung cancer, the frequency should be reduced by the same amount – or at least by a considerable amount. Another even more dramatic example: in Russia there is a huge number of smokers (the majority of the adult population); that percentage has been stable for decades, but the frequency of lung cancer has been steadily decreasing since the early 80s.

Before the antismoking apologists mention it, let’s talk about the availability of high-tech diagnostics and therapies that indeed could be responsible for the decreased frequency of lung cancer mortality. Well, in Russia the availablility of such technology is not even close to that of the US, yet we witness trends and patterns in Russia that are opposite to the American ones. Is that a “paradox”? Only if you assume that the causality of lung cancer is smoking — and that the causality has been scientifically established, which is not the case.

Now Dr. Gagliano brings us even more evidence: alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) is a newly discovered factor for lung cancer that is totally independent of smoking.

The excuse for smokers’ persecution is epidemiological trash science, but in reality that is merely the pretext for hate, scapegoating, political smoke screens for taxation, and criminal corruption of the health institutions to pharmaceutical interests. As the years go by (and more weak-minded people believe “public health” and stop smoking), the weakness of the relationship between smoking and lung cancer becomes ever clearer.

A day will come when, by looking at old archive footage of all the idiots who cried “don’t smoke!” from newspapers and television, our descendents will smile, as we smile today at the statements of phrenologists * — while having a smoke. That’s the optimistic scenario. The not-so-optimistic one is that all those records will be erased by a brutal, global dictatorship run by “public health” elites that will have conquered total political power through health and safety fears and with the use of epidemiological trash science such as that used against smokers.

Unfortunately, the second scenario is far more likely – unless the backs of “public health” and Big Pharma are broken, politically and financially — now.


* Phrenology is the “science” that gauged intelligence by measuring the size of the human cranium.



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