There is very little that is more disgusting about institutions than the technique of instilling panic based on trash science and bogus assumptions. That shoddy technique, however, has become the standard for anything that concerns health and, its companion issue, the environment.

Perhaps it is because the health authorities and the activists assume that people have become dumb and numb enough to be absolutely apathetic, and there could be some substance to that belief. There is, however, more to it than that. Creating fears means holding power. It is a very naive but very real trait of human nature to seek protection from those who push the panic button, a skill that “public health” has learned quite well.

Take this book written by Christopher Booker by the title “Scared to Death: From BSE to Global Warming” to learn something about the power of that skill. The book lists and describes a huge number of “public health” con jobs, including that on passive smoking.

We read: “…That evening, on BBC2’s Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman egged on the government’s chief scientific adviser on BSE, Dr John Pattison, to agree that, within a few years, the new form of CJD caught from eating beef could have killed half a million people.”

That was over ten years ago. Where are the half million deaths? The answer is simple: in the same place where the five million “smoking-related” deaths are: in the realm of the fantasy of people who belong in jail. The damage to Britain caused by the BSE scare was immense. Actually the real danger was small, extremely small. But shysters like Paxman are still permitted to con people from TV stations and intimidate them for anything they want. Once the fear caused by the panic buttons they push to increase audience ratings fades, they simply move on to another scare, leaving society with the damage they created.

Health and environment have truly become the passport to legitimization (if not, sometime, adoration) of professional public opinion tormentors who cater to the doom and gloom fantasies of a few sick minds.

Among the disasters that never were (except for the economic and social damages those frauds caused) we see:

The BSE BS (half a million deaths: where are they?);
The panic over salmonella in eggs (turned out to be an absurd exaggeration after millions of chickens had been slaughtered and thousands of small egg producers put out of business);
The bird flu, that would have killed “150 million people” starting 2005. Where are the dead?
The millennium bug – this one not health related – that would have destroyed millions of computers and that in fact destroyed nothing.
The removal of lead from gasoline, that cost billions and billions of dollars and that was based on total trash science made up, once again, to suit the political interests of professional environmentalist cons.
The global warming fraud, still going full steam today.
The active and passive smoking fraud, still going full steam today, and implemented by the highest “health authorities” in the world.

The list is too long to reproduce here – but all those frauds have something in common: the total lack of accountability by the fraudsters that continue to perpetrate them; the total absence of punishment of the fraudster; the layman’s conviction that there is “nothing he can do” to stop them; the transformation of those frauds into laws and regulations by incompetent and criminal bureaucracies along with some in the medical establishment. All that baseless hysteria is driving the economy of nations into the grounds, and straight into the black hole of bankruptcy along with the disintegration of social fabrics.

Health, safety and environmental frauds, that make large use of a criminal principle, that of precaution, are not just “white lies” to be punished with a slap on the wrist because, after all, they are well-intended and “for our own good”. Those frauds are entirely responsible for the terrible shape of the economy today, due to huge costs of compliance and production that should not be there; to absurd expectations for “safe and healthy environment” by those who have no dimension of the tremendous and tangible cost that ten theoretical extra days of life impose on economy, industry and society. Yet, we continue to believe “public health”, which regulates all and everything while, itself, is totally unregulated in its powers.

It would be very simple to regulate it, too. All it takes is one law. One that requires that no health scare be launched or financed unless it is fully demonstrated by hard science.



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