The CLBA (Colorado License Beverage Association) and the CER (Coalition for Equal Rights) will be having our annual Conference in Idaho Springs the last weekend of this month, October 26-28. Everyone should attend.

If you’re from the Colorado area and you have an interest in fighting smoking bans, this event is for you. It’s the best place to find out what we are currently doing and it should be a lot of fun. You can find the weekend’s agenda and registration form on our website at Moreover, you do not have to attend the whole weekend if you don’t have the time. Our keynote speaker is Norm Kjono, considered the most knowledgeable person on smoking bans in the country, who is flying in from Washington State to attend. This will be a very informative weekend and we are having a Halloween Costume Party. We hope to receive registrations forms within the next week, preferably by October 20. Please inform all bar/tavern owners and any friends interested. I hope that we will see all of you there.



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