The Florida Marlins baseball club is recruiting a line of fat male cheerleaders.
The image of a dancing fat man is a mirthful crowd pleaser.

Rotund comedians have made good fun this way since time immemorial.

This Florida Marlins gimmick sounds like good-natured fun. One has to think twice about it these days though.

Fat folks are Healthist targets now just as smokers have been for the past few decades.

Remember when baseball stars endorsed cigarette brands? When cigarette ads lined the walls of every baseball park?

Not just the ads are gone. Many sports stadia no longer welcome smokers anywhere inside or out.

As we report regularly, the schoolyard vermin who grew into antitobacco mobsters have gotten back to "Fatty," so the "denormalization" of fat folks is in progress.

There is no limit to Healthist falseness and viciousness.

They will not stop until they are forcibly stopped.

Our readers know that overweight folks are an unsightly burden, a bad example for "the children," they don’t deserve medical care, and of course hideous fatness is a contagious disease.

It’s all in the Anti playbook: just glance through FORCES news articles.

Healthism, today’s eugenics, defines "health" as fear, division, and hate.

The continued "progress" of Healthism means ever more targets and ever more misery.

Good-natured fun is an impossibility under the Health Reich. Nothing short of sadistic ridicule tickles Healthist ribs.

A troupe of fat-boy cheerleaders sounds like a fun idea.

When the Reich falls into ridicule you won’t have to think twice about a thing like this.

That day hasn’t come yet.



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