In this forum published by the British Broadcasting Corporation on the British smoking ban and on the presumed benefit for “public health”, we read the usual vast amount of false information on smoking and the grotesque concept that forbidding smoking helps smokers quit. ‘Thank you’, we may answer, ‘we don’t want to be helped. Rather, can we help you back to sanity – both moral and mental?’

But, amongst all the insanity, are the words of Simon Clark to let us know that common sense is still there in spite of the hysterical screaming. Below is a link to the entire page, but we copy Simons’s words here to facilitate our readers.
“I think the smoking ban is going to have relatively little impact on public health.
People say that 11,000 non-smokers die every year in the UK from passive smoking, and 600 of those are people who are allegedly exposed to smoke in the workplace. But these figures are estimates, calculations, they are not based on any hard evidence.
If passive smoking is a risk to people’s health, and it’s a massive if, it’s far more likely to be a risk in the home than in a well-ventilated bar or restaurant. And after the ban more people are going to smoke at home, so the ban could potentially make things worse.
Of course it will help some people who wish to cut down or quit, but the reality is that very few people will.
I don’t smoke, but I’m overweight, and if I was asked, ‘Do you want to lose weight?’ of course I’d say yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m actually going to do anything about it.
Smokers are the same, they will often say, ‘Yes I’d like to cut down a bit,’ but the reality is the vast majority of them don’t.
And in Ireland, smoking rates are now exactly the same as they were before the ban there.
So the idea that millions of people are going to give up smoking is fantasy."
Well said, Simon. And by the way, since you are overweight, it seems “logical” to us that life should be made difficult for you too, to “help” you to the “healthy” way of life indicated by the “public health” junk scientists. And of course people don’t quit (but they love contraband, that’s why the official sales of cigs flex a bit now and then). Given the real scientific evidence available, only the foolish ones quit – but according to the statistical holy grails the fools are, fortunately, a tiny minority.



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