Glantz, anti-tobacco champion, changed the world. A page from "the stories and people behind the humanitarian force that is UCSF" tells us that Stanton Glantz, PhD, has used his "scientific evidence" to increase stringent tobacco controls around the world.

We are told that Glantz is a "professor of medicine" and a "Distinguished Professor in Tobacco Control". FORCES readers know that Glantz studied mechanical engineering and, since the heart is a pump, was given a sham "fellowship in cardiology" by accommodating academia. He’s been generating grants from prohibitionist agencies ever since.

Glantz is a mad hatter placed on a pedestal. He rallies the forces of insanity which prevail in the world of tobacco control today. Folks all over are growing increasingly wise to the falseness of this fanatical cause. UCSF adores the likes of Glantz but he is a dangerous clown and widely recognized as such.



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