A heartfelt round of applause for Canadian antis for their brilliant accomplishments!

An example of where to buy Indian cigarettes

Trunks full of cigarettes for a tiny fraction of what you pay in the store. As low as six Canadian dollars for 200 cigarettes (including the profict of the manufacturer)! That can give an idea of the actual value of that good, and of the size of the state taxation on it. Who are the criminals, the Indians or government and Tobacco Control?

Indeed, Canadian smokers should be thanking them for having made cigarettes so affordable, no free market could have ever brought on such competitive prices. The first nation people were well prepared to supply the ever increasing demand for fair-priced tobacco to a segment of the population that has had more than enough of the incessant nagging, harassing and tax grabbing zealots.

$ 4,000,000 per day in lost taxes in Canada is what anti-tobacco has accomplished without making any significant dent in the consumption of tobacco in the last couple of years contrary to what they like everyone to believe. Totally out of control, native cigarettes (good rich taste as a bonus), have inundated the Canadian market. The 33% consumption rate they estimate is, as one would expect, overly conservative in order to minimize the problem and contain the panic. An unofficial survey by anyone in Ontario or Quebec can easily come to figures of 50 – 60% consumption of untaxed tobacco products bought or delivered to the smoker’s door from native reserves.

Not content of shamelessly lying to scare smokers with pseudo scientific findings galore, the antis are now appealing to the Canadian citizens’ civic duty to stop encouraging what they call criminals behind the native tobacco sales. But what one nation qualifies as criminal, another considers it sacred and the first nation leaders do not mince their words when pointing out the difference to the arrogant accusers as you will read in the story linked below.

Similarly to ASH in an anti-tobacco advertisement that compared cigarettes to the burning twin towers, other illuminati antis from south of the Canadian border go as far as claiming that tobacco sales in the native reserves finance terrorism. Tasteless and poor marketing techniques or absolute desperation when not getting their way? We tend to think that it’s a bit of both in reaction to their life-line wearing thin — at least in Canada where the aboriginal people recognize golden business opportunities, smokers know a good deal when they see one and learn how to recognize blood sucking anti-tobacco leaches when they become too greedy!

We will continue reporting the developments on the Canadian native cigarettes saga as it unveils. In the meantime we encourage all Canadian smokers to continue fighting with their wallets and keep buying their cigarettes at a fraction of the price at their friendly neighborhood native smoke shack. Don’t forget to leave a tip if you’re having them delivered to your door.



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