How is the “consensus” on the “dangers” of passive smoking obtained? By intimidating, suppressing and destroying the careers of dissenting scientists. We know what happened to Gori, Enstrom, Siegel and many, many others, but very few people know about the Rylander Affair.

Read the story of Ragnar Rylander provided at the link below, the full story, in contrast to the blind defamations Tobacco Control disseminates on this subject. Rylander has been deftly sandbagged. His experience at the hands of antitobacco ideologues is one of the most appalling we have ever read. It sheds light into the depths of corruption of those whose only thoughts are prohibitionist dogma, those who instigate hatred and smoking bans, the twenty-first century Inquisitors who wish to replace liberty and science with epidemiologic theocracy. They have corrupted science, society, and its institutions. Indeed they have instituted a new Dark Age.

The suppression of scientific dissent for socio-political agenda has become a pandemic in the scientific world – especially in the fields of ideology-driven environment and public health. Hard, measurable facts, the Scientific Method, logical objections, different points of view and debates – all essential ingredients of the scientific progress which pulled us out of the dark ages – are systematically being destroyed where hysterical tenets of "health and safety" become involved.

Scientists become guilty by ideology and beliefs. Guilty by association. If they are not “guilty,” “evidence” is fabricated to make them so – unless they recant their "heresy." Groups such as ours and many others are scrutinized under the political microscope. Who knows, maybe there is some connection with the perfectly legal tobacco industry that may just “damn” them. If no connection can be found, that only means that they hid it quite well!

Our pseudo-scientific nannies have mounted a no-holds-barred assault on dissent, on debate, and on we the people. When it comes to public health, global warming, and lifestyle control, scientific and logical arguments are not to be heard in the public "scientific" debate: the public must only hear one voice – the "consensus." Reason and truth be damned in the name of fanaticism and ideology.

That is what public health institutions and antismoking activists (along with the “save the planet” fanatics) have become: a machine of misinformation, slandering those who denounce them. Any association with industry is dirty and immoral as it is not “pure," unless of course a lucrative association is with one of the dirtiest and most immoral industries ever, the pharmaceutical industry: this is just fine and “moral” – because Healthists get that money.

Ragnar Rylander in fact has been affiliated with numerous among the major institutions of Healthist ideology. He is in fact of that culture. Like other squishy critics of the prohibitionist Gospel, Rylander was and is by no means an adequate debunker. His "crime" was tepid criticism of The Word, or in the eyes of his "peers," the crime of heresy. They were out to get him. They found a frame that fit.

Over the years a whopping 5% of Rylander’s researches were financed by the tobacco industry. Never mind that this was known to Rylander’s university colleagues and to the scientific community at large: in publications, and through attendance at industry symposia, Rylander had made the association clear. Because Rylander had not underscored the association in every paper he wrote or meeting he attended, the Healthist establishment saw the opportunity to smear him, and with the coöperation of dull media and government, it pulled this off.

One must chant the mantras. One must never utter a single word not contained in the mantras. Tobacco kills. The use or even the thought of tobacco kills. It is a religion – the most fanatical religion ever. Those who don’t chant the mantras faithfully, precisely, and incessantly must be destroyed. It’s as simple as that.

Ragnar got screwed. So it goes, so it shall continue, until enough people with enough force put an end to this calamity. Ragnar Rylander should take a closer look at his peers, and at all of their ideology, and open his eyes to the true depth of their fanaticism. That may be too much to hope for. Those who ever fall prey to acceptance of an ideology rarely gain sufficient scope to appreciate its true monstrousness, not even, when the polite dissenters themselves get clawed.

The Rylander case certainly provides a good example of Tobacco Control intolerance and viciousness. Rylander himself has to wise up a lot more before we’ll take any stake in him. The tobacco industry, in general, does not enjoy our respect. That is certainly not because it makes cigarettes. It is because the industry’s reactions to crazed Tobacco Control have for the most part ranged from feckless to worse. Nevertheless, it is natural that the industry should seek consultation with researchers, and providing such consultation is no crime. The tobacco industry is a perfectly legal industry selling a perfectly legal product purchased by perfectly decent citizens.

As it has happened, industry, product and citizens are now the prey of political, sociopathic and financial agenda, resulting in a campaign of hatred and false information which – yes, we dare say, as we have before – recalls the Nazi persecution of “unwanted" elements.

There are wider lessons in all of this. There is nothing wrong with individual choice and there is nothing wrong with manufacturing tobacco products, especially when we keep in mind that, scientifically, no single death "caused by tobacco" has or ever could be demonstrated. Eat, drink, smoke, and live according to your own judgement. Moderation is wise in all things. Abstinence does not equate to immortality. However you live, you will die, because you are mortal. Accept that you shall die, but in the meantime, insist on living in freedom.

We recommend you take the time to read the website we link with carefully. It really will help you understand what crazy and powerful Tobacco Control can do. The enormity is hard to believe. What is even harder to believe is that we, the people, have allowed things to descend this far.



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