We are pleased to present a Round Table discussion on the landmark Aldebaran Treaty. As most of our readers know, earlier this month, representatives of prominent groups that fight antitobacco and Healthism met in the Netherlands for the first time ever, to establish an international agreement and create the International Coalition Against Prohibition.

So far, groups that fought antitobacco, and who learned to battle against the underpinning Healthist ideology based on fraudulent science and overriding powers of health “authorities,” have led a desperate and disparate struggle. Fragmented, underfinanced, uncoördinated, scattered in many countries and often disagreeing with each other, those groups have valourously fought against a super-financed, well-coördinated and Big Pharma-orchestrated prohibitionist enterprise.

This plainly fascistic anti-freedom movement is supremely represented by the World Health Organization, but is implemented at the national level by publicly – and pharmaceutically-funded antismoking groups including financially and ideologically lock-stepped ministries of "health." "Politically correct" mass media, beholden to Big Pharma advertising income, typically functions as a propaganda mouthpiece. In short, the several freedom-fighting activist groups have been up against a massive enemy, a seeming army of Goliaths, pitted against isolated Davids.

For that reason and in spite of their valour, these groups have been able to have only a very limited effect, notwithstanding the fact that they have truth and science on their side. Indeed they have rarely even been heard amidst the roar toward prohibition. As mentioned, "public health" has managed effectively to gag the mass-media – today much dependent on pharmaceutical advertisement – so that “public health’s” scientific frauds and false information are never exposed. Only the Healthist ideology is given voice by the lap-dog media. Those who fight the institutional fraud are, when not ignored, conventionally treated as lunatics.

The Dutch summit on board the ship Aldebaran will change much of that scenario. The treaty signed there, a historic step in an accelerating war, binds together all the participant organizations and constitutes an International Coalition Against Prohibition (ICAP). Since the signing of the alliance on May 3, 2008, already several other organizations have formally joined the coalition.

There are still matters of difference between the groups, in points of philosophical view, tactical preferences, and otherwise. It should be that way in the name of diversity and freedom, but now the overriding principle is commonality in overview, and of purpose. Our alliance is total. We have a common enemy. It must be fought effectively before it turns the entire planet into a pharmaceutically-controlled Health Reich. It shall be fought, and defeated, with absolute dedication by every means necessary.

The host for this Round Table is Aldebaran delegate Gian Turci. His guests are fellow Aldebaran delegates Bill Gibson of Scotland, John Gray of Wales, and Christoph Lövenich of Germany. These activists explain the experience, the hopes, the problems, and the purpose of ICAP.

Aldebaran accomplished much. Hopes are high that this may be the dawn of a new era. In our basic goals we are as one man. The integrity of science and our social institutions must be reëstablished. Freedom, choice, and the dignity of the individual must be strenuously affirmed and recovered. The growth of unity in determination gives us new strength to defeat oppression and corruption. We shall do so. Please lend your help.



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