One more article on the 1st World Conference Against Prohibition (a.k.a. Thinking is Forbidden) — this time from Serbia.

The writer of the article seems appropriately to characterize the European Union Parliament’s attempt to suffocate the conference as a dirty manoeuvre. Many would call this fair coverage but we at FORCES have a few comments.

First of all let us, once again, set the record straight. The Bureau of the European Parliament demonstrates its dishonesty, and its siding with crooks, when it says that, "The events that are taking place in our premises can under no circumstances have any commercial purpose and they must not undermine Parliament’s honour”.

There were no commercial purposes whatsoever at the event. That is false information. Further, true honour is served by allowing antitobacco disinformation to be exposed for the fraud that it is — not by covering up the deceitful statements of a European Commission that deliberately cons the European people by providing false information to the public to further the interests of pharmaceutical lobbies. Such a Commission (or Parliament) deserves no respect and it bears no honour whatsoever. It has to be disobeyed and disabled with whatever means are necessary to preserve freedom and to restore political fair play.

The article fairly reports some of those views by citing Mr. Christoph Lövenich (FORCES Germany), however, the latter part of this piece (the part likely to leave its taste in the reader’s mouth) is not that great.

“Smoking prohibition in workplace means employers’ health protection. As for the health of smokers, the best for them would be to stop smoking immediately! But they are weak and nicotine is very attractive! But it is, at the same time, very dangerous and it leads millions of smokers into jails. Nevertheless, it is their responsibility whether they are going to stop smoking or not," the article reports Johannes Blokland (Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) as saying.

Because he works for Public Health and Food Safety, Mr. Blokland’s job is to lie compulsively, and he demonstrates that character flaw well here, stringing two frauds and one moral judgement into a short, quotable line: public health conmaship has indeed reached a high level of professionalism. How can it be otherwise, with all the public money they misuse, plus their "association" with the pharmaceutical industry?

As we know, “health protection” implies a danger — and there is absolutely no danger from passive smoking exposure: the Committee knowingly lies by misrepresenting the junk science as science. Furthermore, not even the junk science says that there is a danger!

Second, the implication is made that nicotine is “bad,” it’s harmful, and (evidently as Blokland expresses it) the use of tobacco is equivalent to self-entrapment, or sending oneself to “jail.” Mr. Blokland lies once again, and he knows it. Nicotine has been recognized as very beneficial to health and as an absolutely safe substance even by the Institute of Medicine of the Academy of Science of the United States, considered the highest medical authority in the world.

Third, smokers are not weak: they have the courage to be different, and their misrepresentation as weak is part of a Nazi-like propaganda designed to destroy the self-esteem of the citizen and to induce him to behave as the health Nazis want. Instead, we are smoking right in your face, dear Nazi bastards, and where it’s forbidden, too! Why? Because, today more than ever, smoking represents the strength of individuality, by putting defiance of abusive authority into action. Smoking was always a pleasure. In today’s climate it’s also just about the mightiest political statement one can make.

The real bummer in this overall laudable article is the definition of smokers as “addicts,” which is diminishing and disrespectful, as well as foolish. Smokers are not addicts: if they are, so is anyone who enjoys anything, and who thus tends to repeat the pleasurable experience. In this light a love of music, for example, is an addiction, along with a million of other things. These would include sex, for which in particular, there is plenty of disease causation that can be scientifically demonstrated — not dishonestly “attributed” by the 21st century Nazi ideologists of public health.

Ultimately this Serbian article seems to miss the main point about the conference. What else is new: blinded by the antitobacco smoke screen, every newcomer to this issue seems to believe that it is about cigarettes and health because we are talking about smoking. Rather, the conference was all about revealing and addressing the institutional corruption of the public health system and the death of democracy and debate — a system now based on oppression, propaganda and deliberate false information turned to socio-cultural conditioning. The article dances all around this point, but it does not seem to recognize it.

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