We are pleased to advise our readers to visit this new and interesting Canadian blog against the antismoking cult.


(Also, a lesson in attitude towards Tobacco Control propaganda from an Italian web site)

Kid, you musn’t smoke at your age!! Haven’t you learned what they tell you in school? Smoking is really bad, it’s going to stop your growth!

The piece that currently opens the blog is quite interesting and sadly funny, as it demonstrates the stupidity of the new Ontario law that forbids smoking in the car when minors are present (stored copy). In short, the idiotic cop stops a smoking driver who has a minor on board. As he writes the ticket, the minor comes out of the car and lights up a cigarette!…

What a wonderful way to scorn Tobacco Control, and kudos to the kid! That, of course, did not stop the cop from stealing $155.00 dollars; after all, the cop had the gun and the driver did not. Nor will the evidence make the antismoking fanatics understand that they are wrong. Rather, they will find a way to control, forbid and interfere even more in the free choice of citizens. That is the reason why force is needed to take the power from the Tobacco Control ideologues, who never had a political mandate by the people to do what they are doing.

In fact, “Lou Rinaldi, MLA (Member of the Legislature Assembly) says this may represent a glitch in the law and wants it examined by Ontario’s Ministry of Health Promotion.” Here “health promotion” stands, of course, for scientific fraud-based behaviour control. Here comes the punch line: “In 99.9 per cent of cases, the legislation is doing the job”, Rinaldi says. How does he know? Is this intellectually retarded person omnipresent in every car at any time with Star Trek technology? Of course he is not. How does he know, then? The answer is simple: he makes it up, in the same way the “mortality” of active and passive smoking is made up. The fantasies of these crooks are today expressed as statistical percentiles, and they become "science"!

Keep on smoking – driving or not – and right in their face. But we are not through with the display of contemporary Canadian mental retardation. Before you keep on reading, however, we recommend that you light up a cigarette because you are going to need it. Done? Ok, then read below.

The retardos of the Canadian Convenience Stores Association (CCSA) are calling on provincial governments to pass a law banning possession and use of tobacco, a legal substance, thus going against the interests of their own members to show that they are "good" fellow. "Good fellow" today means kissing the ass of corrupt and fanatical health "authorities" to the end of behaviour control and de-socialization of the smoker, and collaborate with the Nazis in spreading the false ideology that "smoking kills". Be that as it may, the "solution" is easy, no?… Just make it illegal to possess a legal substance and the problem is solved!

A recent antismoking trash propaganda study states that smoking (and passive smoking) causes dementia. Episodes like this demonstrate that the opposite is true: failure to smoke causes dementia, smoking fights it. Only nicotine-starved, malfunctioning brains can conceive what is going on as a good thing. You need nicotine not to be an idiot, it seems.

So, once again, keep on smoking or take up smoking – and read this good blog.



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