FORCES International is proud to present a new columnist, Robert Prasker.

Mr. Prasker currently resides in upstate New York and enjoys writing and film-making. He believes that modern health and environmental hysteria is a self-fulfilling prophecy that centralizes power within the state by preying upon, and creating justifications for, irrational fears. He believes that the modern anti-smoking movement is the leading edge of such hysteria and, therefore, the greatest threat to political freedom on Earth. For these reasons, he contributes his efforts to FORCES.

We have already published a piece by Mr. Prasker, by the title: “Environmental Alarmism Losing Acceptance”. That article has now been added to Mr. Prasker’s columnist corner.

This week we present another article by Robert, “Innocent Men, Open Prison”, a powerful analysis of how, in our perverse times when moral values are literally turned upside down along with science and reason, liberty is being turned into crime: “Our world has become a panopticon and criminality has become synonymous with attempts at a free existence. Our turning against each other ‘for our own good’ has been so incremental and insidious that we’ve been deluded into believing that Orwell’s nightmares are ‘on their way’ when, in reality, they’ve already arrived. “

Happy reading and happy thinking with Robert Prasker.



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