Seen the latest pharma commercial and just know you must have the latest and greatest Rx?

Well how novel, the manufacturer will now call your doctor for you to get a new prescription. No costly office visit necessary!
Vaniqa is to remove unwanted hair and promoted mainly for women, a seemingly "harmless" product, so who should object… if no one objects, then what other products could be added to the "calling plan"?
Well, after all, if the doctor won’t cooperate with the pharmaceutical sales force, well then just cut out the middleman and let the prescriptions flow.
One can see not only Big Pharma backing this new feature, but the online and off line drug stores also.
How long will it be before Big Pharma’s calling plan also includes a list of cooperative doctors willing to phone in the prescriptions without seeing the patient?
Oh, but wait… check the link, they already do! So if you’re too busy to be bothered by seeing a physician to get the latest and greatest drug, just ask Big Pharma, they’ll get it for you, no hassle, no fuss, and no doctor appointment. Perfect marketing, save time, save money, and get the product you just must have because you seen it on TV.



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