Sometimes you really wish you could speak every language. Our German friends have helped us in explaining the context of the TV talk show video we link with here. Read our introduction and then click on the video. Once you understand the gist of the conversation, you’ll appreciate the heated television talk, even without fluency in German.

This nationwide German TV broadcast about smoking bans, of Tuesday, 24 June 2008, featured as guests: an anti-smoking legislative representative, an anti-smoking professor of pneumonology, a café owner, and an actor (smoker). A typical scheme, it seems, with Antis telling lies about passive smoking and the impact of smoking bans, and the café owner and the actor speaking out for at least some liberty but being oblivious about scientific fraud and institutional corruption. Politically correct media typically plans things this way, with "esteemed experts and authorities" on one side, calculated to shine against their hapless and flailing victims.

That would indeed have happened if the programme hosts had not invited Sabine Schmidt, who runs Café M in Berlin. Sabine provides an example of exactly how Tobacco Control is to be fought. Tobacco Control claims overriding priority on the grounds of “health” – that is, even if all the rights and economic issues were justified, still the “dangers” of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) justify prohibition. It is therefore the epidemiological health fraud, consciously and dishonestly promoted by the “health” authorities, its minions and Big Pharma, that must relentlessly be addressed.

That is exactly what Schmidt did. She immediately addressed the ETS fraud, and countered all false claims about hospitality venues being dangerous workplaces because of tobacco smoke. She mentioned the lacking statistical significance of the Antis’ "evidence" [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], the Enstrom/Kabat study of 2003 and other information that you seldom hear in the mainstream media. She exposed the health authorities for the liars they really are.

Message: public health institutions are corrupt, and they are not to be believed.

Sabine Schmidt was relentless. All attempts to sidetrack from the central issues remained unsuccessful. The courageous landlady understood clearly that debunking their basic scientific lies is the best way to fight the crooks.

When the professor started to blame Big Tobacco for the umpteenth time, Schmidt replied by pointing out that this guy heads a "Non-smoking is cool" campaign sponsored by Big Pharma, including the Nicotinell anti-smoking nostrum, produced by pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

Message: the professor is a stooge of the pharmaceutical industry, a salesman of products and special interests, and he is not to be believed.

When the politician (the face of anti-smoking in the Bundestag parliament) mentioned the “necessity” of smoking bans in bars, Schmidt informed the viewers that he is one of her customers.

Message: the politician is a hypocrite, like most politicians are, and he is not to be believed.

Her café is a place where you can smoke in spite of the ban but apparently it is more attractive even for a prominent anti-tobacco nanny than are the many venues that obey the law.

Message: disobedience of a law based on falsehood and scientific fraud is the moral thing to do. That is very important when the propaganda of Tobacco Control aims at the very self esteem of the smoker, to force him to quit and/or conform to prohibition.

Sabine Schmidt herself is non-smoker, which was mentioned in the course of the taping, but cut out of the broadcasted version. As she obviously has no ties with the tobacco industry – thus she is invulnerable from that point of view – the removal of her statement that she is a non-smoker subliminally implies that only an "addict" would go as far as exposing public health as a fraudulent institution.

Frau Schmidt is definitely a role model for hospitality venue owners and freedom activists generally. Much is to be learned from this savvy non-smoker. Her intelligence and approach won the day. Pay attention, and in any and every language, learn to win. Don’t just defend your liberties. Contemporary political correctness, public health corruption and technocracy spit on your liberties: put that through your head once and for all.

Attack the aggressor as he does to you. Expose his lies, expose his hypocrisy, never let him off the hook, expose the senseless tyranny. Be as relentless as he is. Let your righteous indignation show. Don’t show respect for his authority, as corruption does not deserve respect even when it is coupled with power; fraud and corruption only deserve contempt – and both the public and your enemy must feel that contempt. This is a war, not a debate – it always has been. Put that through your head too, once and for all. In a war, anything goes. Be prepared to win, be prepared to destroy the hateful culture of vicious lies and Fascist laws.

Given this background, English speaking readers will find they can understand the spirit and much of the substance of this video, in the German language. Note the audience support for Sabine Schmidt as she comes increasingly to dominate the conversation as the programme progresses. It takes no knowledge of German whatsoever to detect the growing lumps in the throats of the neck-tied "authorities" as their public frauds and "hocus-pocus" are ably debunked by the incisive café owner.

CLICK HERE to view the video.



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