We are glad to present the first of a series of videos produced by our German correspondent Alexander Schoppmann.

In this passionate opening appeal, Schoppmann tells us why he has joined the fight against lifestyle control and "public health," and why he has created his own political party in Germany.

The most prominent issue is smoking, of course, but it is clear that the problem far transcends smoking. It has to do with the disintegration of the moral and cultural architecture of entire nations. It has to do with the loss of social values and the shifting of social priorities from the real and important to the fictitious, virtual, and unimportant.

The present is certainly Orwellian. What will the future be? That is up to us – and that is why, perhaps, more and more people join this fight every day; because they don’t want “liberty from," they want “liberty to.”

Please click the link below to view the video.



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