On this side of the barbed wire there are the drinkers, on the other side the fatsos. Smokers are in a separate camp, to prevent them from threatening the health of the other addicts with their exhausts. Of course the camps are not camps, they are cessation centres.

Their inhabitants are just too eager to be cured, hoping to get back their medicare, their jobs, their pensions and especially their children, who have been taken away by the State to protect them against the vicious addictions (and examples) of their parents. The human race must be healthy. Health is the paramount value.
The symbols of the five Corporations that are now actually governing the world and provide the indispensable drugs for good health, long life and especially social order tower over all camps. Thanks to those corporations there is no more social disharmony, as all agree about everything. People have discovered that not even elections are necessary anymore, because polemics and arguments are bad for public health and the economy, as they cause Potential Years of Life Lost.
The World Ministry of Health (WMH), consisting of five members – one from each Corporation – now takes care of laws, politics, economics, environment, information, state and industrial priorities, thanks to the successful fusion between corporate pharmaceuticals and the state. History has been finally set straight, by recognizing that Mussolini’s doctrine was indeed the way to happiness, and his pictures are now mandatory in any public place.
Only a few hundreds of thousands of smokers, drinkers and fatsos are left in the world, and they are helped in centres like this, that claim 98% recovery from their disease. The remaining 2% constitutes most of the low life, and most of the recalcitrant resistance to goodness. The case of those who resist is truly terminal because they deny their addiction and they even label it as “liberty” instead of the prescribed “freedom from”. They are nostalgic for motorcycles driven without helmets and for big cars driven without safety belts in which – incredible! – they could even smoke, eat hamburgers and have occasional drinks in the presence of their children! Who in his right mind would want something like that? They even long for unsurveilled communications and streets without cameras, where unspeakable crimes were committed, and without even a loudspeaker to tell them what not to do. That alone is scientific proof of their nasty sickness. Despised with extreme prejudice by society, all that those people evoke is just the utter contempt once reserved for paedophilia — another disease now successfully cured with chemical lobotomy.
But they are been dealt with — although calls for their lethal injection are held back with the appropriate psychodrugs. The supporters of such crude punishment actually don’t seem to understand that the problem will solve itself, eventually. Those sick people are already denied anything that the State allocates to decent people — such as food credits, medical attention, disability pensions and antidepressants. Why waste social resources on people who can be better helped by denying those resources to them? Regular statistics are published by the WMH on their useless deaths that follow their useless lives. And all that just because they refuse to quit, so they quit existing.
We have done what’s right, our conscience is clear. The year is 2020. The place is anywhere. Only a few more years before the final triumph of “public health”, and the beginning of an endless era of long life, peace and tranquillity: the peace of emptiness, the tranquillity of a machine.
This is not a gloomy fiction. It has already begun. What are you prepared to do to keep it a fiction? I know what I have to do, and my conscience is already clear.
— Gian Turci



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