This has nothing to do with smoking. This has everything to do with smoking. The subject of this video is surrender of the right to own firearms. This has to do with metastasizing state control: recommended viewing for anyone who values liberty and personal dignity.
No matter where you live, no matter how you feel in particular about guns, consider well the core message here. A false promise of "health and safety" is being used increasingly to justify divesture of personal liberty to government control. The more good citizens give in to this, through apathy or ignorance, the more shall the bans and the tyranny grow. What this generation has failed to learn is that liberty is earned and won every day.

This video tells the story of the losers. It describes the consequences of believing the “authorities," of blindly obeying the “law” even when the law is designed to destroy everything you hold dear, including your very personal choices in life. It highlights increasingly oppressive governments that want the citizenry disarmed. Loss of liberty and personal dignity is the price of giving in to fraud, scares, propaganda, media pressure, and manipulated statistics. Fools and cowards capitulate to their fear of the tyrant.

The fool delays the fight too long. He tries to adapt. He tries to conform. He hopes the tyrant will stop before things go "too far." That does not happen. Still, the fool remains a victim of the myth that a “good citizen” is a law-abiding citizen, no matter what the law is. He wants to feel he is still part of the “majority” (real or perceived), as if the majority was always right, and the minority always wrong.

Thus the fool surrenders. He will quit smoking, drinking, or eating in accordance with dictates. He will turn in his gun because he accepts any condemnation today of what was normal yesterday. He will abandon his gun in the name of a “safe” society, just as he turned in his cigarettes in the name of a “healthy” society. He obeys, and society does not turn safer, or healthier, but rather ever more proscriptive, grim, and joyless.

All of us are left with the consequences — potentially for the rest of our lives — while the bastards who killed liberty laugh — generally "all the way to the bank" — at how easy the masses gave in to their “health & safety” messages. The control freaks keep coming for more, more, ever more capitulation. Liberties are taken away every single day — liberties that were conquered literally with blood — simply with a stroke of a pen by some rotten politician or bureaucrat. A computer program, a few rotten “experts” and a ban, that’s all it takes.

Ways of life that are part of our culture and centuries old are daemonized and prohibited in a few years, or just months, by the health and safety criminals. Too many fall for this — over and over again. Wake up, pay attention, observe: these losses of liberty are not separate issues, THEY ARE THE SAME ISSUE.

They started with smoking — and too many fell for it. They continued with fat. They continued with guns. They will proceed with alcohol. They are going on with environment. They are banning whole industries, and at the same time, fireplaces, and light bulbs! They never stop. “Give us what YOU value today," the health and safety bastards tell us, "and we may deliver what WE value tomorrow, in the name of a ‘healthy’ society, in the name of a ‘safe’ society. Understand: your opinion does not matter, there is nothing you can do but obey." So they say. Swallow none of it! Fight!

Perhaps it’s time to look at ourselves in the mirror. Perhaps it’s time to say it out loud: “We are losers because we quit smoking and we believed them.” “We are losers because we obey the smoking bans." “We are losers because we were made to be ashamed of our bellies, and surrendered our food and beer." “We are losers because we turned in our guns." “We are losers because we wear our mandatory seat belts." “We are losers because we have learned to hate our smoking neighbours." Furthermore: "We are cowards because we don’t like it and we do nothing to change it”.

Find your honesty and find your courage. Fools and cowards are losers. Have you been like that? That’s what you have to quit. Don’t be a quivering idiot. Join the fight today. It is not too late. The tyrant is a fool. We can destroy him and we are going to destroy him — whatever it takes.

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