Doctor Hairychestnuts, lifestyle epidemiologist extraordinaire, makes his second appearance here at FORCES. The esteemed eugenicist is determined to convict all of his neighbors of murder by one means or another.
Doctor Hairychestnuts is always looking for another way to vilify others, naturally enough, as he makes a damned good living out of it.

Smokers, as ever, are his favorite victims. Here he deals with skepticism that smokers are killers — critics keep spouting damnable facts — by insisting that, one way or another, somebody somewhere dies somehow every hour of every day, and there’s no reason not to blame smokers for all of that.

Doctor Hairychestnuts can prove anything at all with lifestyle epidemiology — after all, you won’t find a fact in a carload, of his sort of "scientific studies" — as he demonstrates gleefully for us here.

Click the link below for the doctor’s latest sadistic ravings.



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