The trash science-based smoking ban in England has several challengers, but few with the intelligence of Nick Hogan.

In a story that, just ten years ago in England, would have seemed the stuff of a novel, Nick Hogan had to turn to incredible manipulations to stay as landlord of his own pub , a pub where smoking patrons are welcomed.

More people should fight the way Mister Hogan does. The purpose of unelected “public health” is to "make it difficult to smoke", so that tax paying smokers bend to its will. The goal for smokers and other targets must be to "make it difficult’ for “public health” to tramp on the rights of citizens, especially when using scientific fraud and misrepresentation of scientific evidence as a tool and justification.

In that way a balance of power may be created to keep corrupt authorities at least in check. The only alternative is that they will go all the way. They don’t intend to stop. They don’t know how.



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