… And a question that the public health operatives won’t answer for a simple reason: they don’t have it.

The written question, posed by the British EU Parliamentarian Godfrey Bloom of the Independence/Democracy Group (stored copy) to the EU Commission, has fallen and will continue to fall into deaf ears.

Here is the question: (stored copy)

“According to the Commission Green Paper ‘Towards a Europe free from tobacco smoke: policy options at EU level’ (COM(2007)0027), more than ‘79 000 adults’ die in the EU per annum from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

This claim is the driver behind the proposals by the Commission to bring in a binding directive later this year to enforce smoking bans in workplaces.

Given that the impact of such a directive will be considerable, both economically and socially, could the Commission please name three or four people who have died from ETS within the European Union in the last two years?”

With the numbers cited by the Tobacco Control propaganda everywhere in the world, answering such a question should be child’s play. That applies to Tobacco Control, all ministries of health, and every activist groups. It should be even simpler for the World Health Organization. Actually, three or four people should be a laughable request for the WHO or the EU Commission: they should have no problem at all supplying thousands, since they say passive smoking is such a "scourge". Ditto for active smoking. Indeed, answering that question so that it satisfies a minimum scientific rigor would make not only Bloom look like a naïve fool, but it would literally sweep away any and all opposition to smoking bans.

The debate would be really over.

But the question is not answered — and it won’t be answered. In the very improbable case that it were, the answer would be a circular reference to some authority, that would then refer to some other higher authority, that would cite a study which in turn would cite another study and then another, and so on to infinity. * But never, ever there would be a study cited that demonstrates the unique causality of one death because of passive or even active smoking.

Why? Because such demonstration does not exist. Because it never existed. Because the tobacco-related mortality is not demonstrable and any number – all numbers – are a plain, simple fraud. In one word, the so-called "mortality" of smoking is incommensurable.

That is because the institution of “public health” is corrupt, and deliberately lies to the population. That is because the doctors, medical associations and “researchers” behind antitobacco are deliberately using their “authority” to bamboozle the population and engineer the culture, while building a castle of lies to justify their thirst for power and public and pharmaceutical money.

The question that Godfrey Bloom has asked is a more than a legitimate question. Actually, it is an indispensable question. It is a question that any rational person, whether he smokes or not, should ask. It is a question that should be asked by any honest mass-medium that is actually interested in providing the service that it is sworn to provide – inform the public. It is the question that any honest doctor should ask, too.

Finally, it is the question that any and all politicians, regardless of their political colour and ideology, should ask the representatives of Tobacco Control all over the world — if those politicians truly had in mind truth and justice, and the interests of their constituencies, and possessed the coherence and integrity of Godfrey Bloom.

If that question were asked from all sides, relentlessly, every day and at every opportunity, by the weight of that simple question alone Tobacco Control — world wide — would crumble, and many famous "health” promoters now touted as heroes and revered by the media and by the naive would be punished.

That is why the question is never asked.

Because all those people and entities protect those who lie. No other explanation is possible. Yet, that is the only question that matters, isn’t it?


* Circular reference is a very old and well-tested trick/method that every bureaucrat of any country in the world knows by heart. Indeed, dumping responsibility in a circular way while executing often irrational and totalitarian laws whilst sending the citizen in endless wild goose chases getting obedience in the meantime is a technique known for millenia. Yet people of all times keep falling for it and, in the case of "public health", they even believe that the proof exists!…



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