The latest nonsense by “public health” is analyzed in this paper by Professor Patrick Basham and Dr. John C. Luik of the Democracy Institute: requiring restaurants to include on their menus or menu boards the fat, sodium, and calorie counts for all of their offerings!

No joke: the California legislature recently passed a law requiring menu labelling, but the bill was vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who termed it impractical and inflexible. On the other hand, cigar smoker Schwarzenegger did not seem to have any objection about the private property invasion of the stupid law that forbids smoking in the car with children present, in spite of the total fraud of the dangers of passive smoking.

In contemporary terms, however, whether something is reasonable or not, or fraudulent or not, does not matter. Schwarzenegger’s veto simply means that the fraud and hysteria on obesity is technically “behind” that on smoking, and that the labels will come a little later. Still they will come, as “health” is the new fanatic religion and nothing but nothing – true or false – can stand in its way! As with all fanatic religions: your personal belief means nothing: what matters is obedience and speaking the “holy words” – to the point that the word “health” is heard in the mass media far more often than “amen” is heard in churches.



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