We recommend that you read this piece by Victoria Hardy published by the American Chronicle.

It takes on all the frauds, the hatred, the illogic and the false myths against smoking. Victoria accepts that “smoking kills – but…” Smoking does not kill – no if, and or butts – until one death is scientifically demonstrated to be caused solely by smoking. Victoria, however, may still be right, and she certainly represents the confusion and the irony that an intelligent person must feel when faced with the antismoking campaign propaganda and the healthist religion. Even intelligent persons such as she is are not totally exempt from the effects of relentless brainwashing of the state ideologues, designed to condition thought and behaviour. After all, only God can be totally immune from evil. Victoria’s side effect of the social brainwashing are visible in the opening paragraph. Her take is important, and it goes like this (ephasis added):

“I´m trying to live a healthier life these days, although there are certainly mixed messages out there about what constitutes healthful living. Over the last years I´ve began to remove chemicals, or at least as many as I am able, from my system. I quit all prescriptions, rarely take any over the counter medications and avoid doctors. I´ve had all my silver amalgam fillings removed and stopped using fluoridated toothpaste. I rarely drink soda and I have given up all forms of chemical laced artificial sweeteners. I get my water at a spring, my meat, eggs and butter at an independent farm, make a special trip to the closest organic store for produce and eat very little processed foods. And I may use a cell phone 3 or 4 times a year…”

Except for staying away from doctors and Big Pharma products (good move, Victoria!), what’s wrong with the rest? Nothing at all. Avoiding those benefits does not mean leading a healthier life; in fact, the opposite may even be true. The “chemicals”, the silver in the teeth, the fluoridated toot paste (cavity prevention), the artificial sweeteners (remember, "sugar kills" too! ) and the meat have never been scientifically demonstrated to be harmful; it is all epidemiological asociations. Same thing for the absurd and never-demonstrated claims about cellular phones. Plants use the same chemicals, whether they are delivered through manure or in dusts! Again, all those things are victims of epidemiologically-driven trash propaganda by the healthists, who use corrupt medical authorities and ideologues to induce people to reject progress. The public health and environmentalist cohorts want to drive us all back to the dark times of the smokeless middle ages.

What Victoria is driving at is the classic fallacy: as there has to be a "cause" for death, I believe this trash but I don’t believe that trash on smoking (perhaps because I like it!). But there is no real "cause" for natural death – unless you want to get mad at the Creator.; Yet, in one way or another, the pseudo-scientific ideology gets to change her behaviour too — and the healthists win.

But it is all junk science – the same trash science used for passive smoking, propelled by the propaganda of "public health".

Use your cellular phone, eat your red meat, enjoy some processed food, smoke the cigarettes you cherish, fight your cavities with fluoridated tooth paste and don’t worry about a whiff of car exhaust. Those things are not harmful at the quantities intended for use. There are no poisons: it’s the dose that makes the poison.

Want non-epidemiologic and indisputable proof? Those things are so ”harmful” that humanity never lived so long.

Victoria, don’t believe public health ideology – for smoking or for anything else. An intelligent person such as yourself should understand the grand scheme of things. It has do to with nihilism, and evil.



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