Make no mistake: the Nazis are amongst us but they don’t wear black uniforms. They have learned how to adapt to the 21st century. This new FORCES International Position Paper explains why and how.


About two months ago the prohibitionist "medical" journal Tobacco Control published a paper by Nick Schneider and Stanton Glantz, by the title “Nicotine Nazis strike again: a brief analysis of the use of Nazi rhetoric in attacking tobacco control advocacy”. In the paper, the “sticky” nickname of Health Nazis, now universally used by any opponent to define the Tobacco Control movement, is discussed. Clearly that definition disturbs antitobacco and its pharmaceutical friends. Needless to say, by the reckoning of Tobacco Control itself, this is all the tobacco industry’s doing.

Unfortunately for them, that’s just not so. That contemporary Public Health, and Tobacco Control in particular, have become patently fascistic is a widespread public opinion – an opinion that is spreading more and more every day. Several responses have been issued to the Schneider/Glantz paper – and the probable best are the six satirical videos by Phil Williams, visible in our Multimedia Section (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Satire works when it is true. Labels such as "Nicotine Nazis" upset Tobacco Control because the labels are apt. If Nazis are indeed ridiculous they are nevertheless gravely dangerous. We properly laugh at them. At the same time we must assess them soberly, for if we do not, in the end the joke shall be on us.

Direct and reasoned analysis of the "Nicotine Nazi" paper, and the truth of the comparison underlying it, has so far been lacking. That gap is now filled by the response paper we link with here and at the bottom of this page. The paper is permanently stored in our Scientific Portal, in the "The FORCES Position Papers" section. This response provides an in-depth analysis of why the Nazi definition has become so popular.

Some people have thought that the Nazi identification is rhetorical, or amusing, because the ideologues of Tobacco Control are “not really Nazis,” so calling them such is just a “figure of speech.” These folks have considered that TC is, perhaps understandably, simply overzealous, but genuinely well-intentioned. They are changing their minds. More and more citizens worldwide are coming to realise what those of us who fight TC have known for a long time. The TC view of "health" is really and very sick, quite as contorted, just as hateful and vicious, as the "ideals" of health and race "purity" that Adolf Hitler held.

We wish the Nazi label was overstatement or a joke. It is neither. The response paper demonstrates that the definition Health Nazi is frighteningly accurate, and by no means to be taken lightly. Tobacco Control and its vociferous representatives are Nazis. They do share an ideological matrix with their German predecessors. In the West of the 21st century it is inconceivable, of course, to preach racism, religious discrimination, and concentration camps, as these are all ominous reminders of the Holocaust and the war. Naturally, specifics of target and method must vary to suit the times, but make no mistake, the mentality is the same.

Tobacco Control – integrally with virtually all modern Public Health institutions – shares with Nazism: the propaganda, the hatred, the violence, the discrimination, the unbounded passion for junk science and fraud, the sadism, the arrogance, the zero tolerance (even when it comes to internal dissent; Michael Siegel is an example), the brainwashing, the dogmatic mentality, the refusal to recognise that opposition could possibly have genuine basis. This last distorted view, the crux of the Schneider/Glantz article, stems from the ideologue’s inflexible certitude of his own self-righteousness, which in turn arises out of a narcissistic presumption of physical and mental “superiority.”

The targets of the "public health" advocates – drinkers, smokers, fat people – are inferior because they are “sick,” and thus they need to be “helped.” They are “sick” because they are not like the Nazis, because they don’t share their values, their beliefs, their priorities and their way of life. What’s worse – a mortal sin! – the incorrigibles, the unfit, the inferiors, the intolerable heretics do not teach "correct" values to their children. Just and precisely as it was in Nazi Germany, liberty is physical fitness; freedom of choice is a disease.

No swastikas but no-smoking signs. No concentration camps but frigid outdoor smoking corrals and sterile smoking cessation clinics. Same epidemiologic frauds. Same rhetoric and arrogance. Same discrimination – just different targets. Same brainwashing of children. The National Socialism of Adolf Hitler has changed its skin but it has the same rotten guts. It is subtly but steadily re-instituting itself through smoking bans, school “health” programs, food control, CCTVs and on and on. It contaminates our society and seeps into it more every day, giving us the time to adapt, to "get used" to it, no rush, but you must take it, until you have taken it all.

Hitler’s ideological followers have learned the art of patience: denormalize the normal and normalize the extreme, the grotesque, and the fraudulent. There was indeed peace in Germany in 1935. There were no concentration camps yet. Germans adored Adolf, perhaps in the same way Americans are ready to adore Obama today, but the mental matrix was there then and it is back now: the faith in the collective and the distrust in individual judgement that spells the undoing of freedom.

Do we really need to see jackboots, funny moustaches and goosesteps to recognize the beast? Is a white coat enough to cover it up? Are we that blind, that stupid? Do we not remember von Verschuer, Mengele, and their white coats? Have we forgotten all the statistically-boggled eugenicists whose mad methods are today re-employed to a tee by modern Public Health? These are serious questions that every responsible citizen must ask himself, regardless of his take on smoking.

This response paper is more than an intellectual exercise. It is a warning. It is a call to action: a call to destroy the beast before it is too late. Read this paper. Duplicate it. Distribute it. Discuss it with others. Your future – the future of all, in fact – shall depend on spreading awareness of what we are really facing. It’s not just smoking bans. It’s a diseased ideology. Yes, no joke, it’s so, they are Nazis.



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