Because of the mountains of junk science produced in recent years – junk science that clearly has the ends of political and social control – the credibility of epidemiology is in a serious crisis.

Finally, albeit slowly, people are beginning to realize that epidemiology is an easy tool to produce desired results without involving actual science – in essence, to establish a “scientific” fact without the need to scientifically demonstrate anything.

Although it was never a science, epidemiology used to be a good statistical discipline and, thanks to it, it was possible to defeat or bring under control many infectious diseases, whose scientific single causality was known. Sometimes it even helped to establish the causality scientifically.

But that was then – and a very long time ago. Multifactorial epidemiology is now largely trash science designed to produce large numbers (“epidemics”), often quickly, and always to the great advantage of governments’ revenue departments and “researchers”.

This addition to our Scientific Portal presents a series of papers with an analysis by FORCES International columnist Dr. John Dunn, explaining the pitiful state of epidemiology today. Curiously, some of the articles referred to are by Boffetta – a well-known epidemiologist who collaborates with the World Health Organization on the antismoking disinformation propaganda and prohibition programme. Needless to say, Boffetta knowingly misrepresents the junk science on passive smoking as science – but, in a recent article, he says:

“The lack of an earnest appreciation of the inherent shortcomings and weaknesses of epidemiologic research serves only to provide opportunities for critics outside our field to claim that epidemiology often produces ‘junk science’, and there are many such critics waiting for the opportunity. It is the scientific and professional obligation of epidemiologists not to gratuitously provide such opportunities for our critics. If we do not evaluate the emperor’s apparel, others stand ready to do it for us.”

Isn’t that interesting that one of the most famous junk scientists says something like that? Evidence and logic indicate that Boffetta points the finger at the most glaring junk science to hide the fact that epidemiology in general today IS junk science.

And, by the way, the emperor’s apparel was evaluated long ago — and long ago it was discovered that the emperor has no apparel whatsoever. And that applies to Boffetta and his ilk, as well.

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