The devastation of British pubs because of the smoking ban continues. This time, Hairy’s pub died.

In the UK, pubs are more than just places where one drinks beer: they are places of social activity, neighbourhood consolidation, where people get in touch with each other, speak, and evaporate distrust, in becoming friends. The British pub is an essential locus of British society.

The control of society by the state requires the destruction of social fabric, and the instalment of systems of surveillance and control. Pubs in England are being destroyed by an epidemiological fraud enforced by rotten institutions: those of public health.

Public health is the new carrier of totalitarianism. Public health institutions must be taken down and rebuilt brick-by-brick by a renascent citizen-driven society. The pubs can come back and, with them, the fabric of society, but this requires concerted force.

Have we become so cowardly, so meek, so weak that we’d rather be destroyed as a society than fight for its preservation? Only you have the answer to that question.

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