Appalled but not surprised – Gian Turci, CEO of FORCES International, weighs in on the trashing of property rights in California. Disgusted but not surprised at the revolting turn of events, Mr. Turci places the blame squarely where it is deserved: on us. Yes, anti-tobacco has been working strenuously for years to batter down the door that separates the home from "the public." Yes, anti-tobacco, its pharmaceutical patrons and corrupt politicians have promulgated the fraud that secondhand smoke is deadly. That said, the responsibility for maintaining freedom is with the governed and we, the people, have been asleep at the wheel for too long. At a time of unbelievable prosperity and comfort we amuse ourselves with our gadgets and trust that government will keep the ship of state afloat without bothering us. Wrong! The nature of us humans is to push and shove our way to the top of the heap and those who do make that arduous trek are inevitably consumed with the notion that they, not the common people, are best suited to run society and everyone’s lives. We let them get a way with it and we have it in our power to stop the control freaks in their tracks.



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