The phrase “I hate that!” used to be a way to speak figuratively to indicate a dislike. Times have changed.

In more and more countries, smoking is being forbidden on beaches, parks, playgrounds, streets, parking lots, squares. In all those places, of course, the “dangers” of passive smoking do not apply.

What applies is hatred – hatred that is declared by bureaucrats and administrators as a legitimate feeling against those who exercise their right to smoke a cigarette. It is a way to say that you, as you are today, are no longer acceptable by THEM – so quit smoking if you want to “belong”.

That, of course, is yet another reason to keep on smoking – to be different from THEM. Who wants to "belong" to the world they are trying to prepare, where all is forbidden except what "they" allow? Certainly not us — and, in fact, we are busy making as much damage as possible

In the meantime, here is a sign for outdoor smoking bans that you can send to your “progressive” smoker-hater City Council member, the police station, to the local “health” unit – whoever you like. Propose that they speak the truth, for a change. Hate them back by using their own image.

FORCES will customize this sign for you – for free – by putting the name of the city you want instead of the verbiage “Your friendly municipality”. Just write to with the verbiage you want us to write, and we will return it to you via e-mail as soon as possible.




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