It is an established fact that Tobacco Control is based on scientific fraud and hatred. It is also an established fact, unfortunately, that institutions – especially public health institutions – have fully embraced fraud, hatred and public deception as policy to fight smoking, a habit for which not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated.


"Just Blame Big Tobacco"

"A Tribute to Stanton Glantz"

The acceptance of that fraud naturally means that public health institutions are thugs. The fight against institutional corruption is one of the main purposes of the existence of FORCES. It is unfortunate that it has to be against “public health”, but that’s the way it is. It may be useful for the newcomers to this fight to have a historical perspective of how this pandemic of corruption, now represented at the world level by the World Health Organization, got started.

One of the main engines of this movement based on straightforward scientific fraud is Stanton Glantz. In this document reporting on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Health and Environment Subcommittee statement of Hon. Thomas J. Bliley, Jr., July 21, 1993, we have highlighted the parts concerning Stanton Glantz, although it is important to read the entire document, which gets VERY interesting around page 15. It is also important to state that, since 1993, NO further, scientifically significant indication that passive smoking actually harms the health of the nonsmoker arose. Simply, much more of the same statistical trash has been fabricated and advertised. The "health" institutions have embraced and promoted this fraud as a legitimate means to instigate hatred against smokers and thus induce them to quit. Once again, the passive smoking deception is a means to fight active smoking, for which not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated. It is important to repeat this concept because it highlights that state institutions now consider fraud as a legitimate means to govern and control. This is therefore, an important moral and ethical issue that transcends smoking itself.

This report is one of the best for the descriptions of how the incredible scientific fraud of passive smoking was fabricated and engineered, primarily by Stanton Glantz, a thug who misrepresented himself and his evidence as a career enhancer”. The original of this document can be found in our Scientific Portal at

The size of this incredible scientific fraud is paralleled only by that on global warming. Both scams use junk science to promote a fanatical ideology and to make profits for special interests. The militant supporters of both scams have declared that “the debate is over”. In both cases we have institutional corruption the spreading and depth of which has no precedent in history.

We believe that both newcomers and seasoned fighters against institutionalized fraud will find that reading this document is useful.



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