When the Ft. Greely troops were surveyed in 2005, our troops reported to those asking what was good, bad, or missing from their Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). "Add Tobacco Products" was ranked #16 in the responses, with 16 pages of responses.

In spite of the efforts by tobacco control, our forefathers (and mothers) smoked, we smoke, and some of our children and grandchildren will smoke, because smoking is enjoyable. It really is that simple.

To deny our troops this small pleasure in life is nothing short of sadistic. But it clearly emphisizes the point that "they will have their way" no matter what the individual wants. So much for the freedoms our troops believe they are fighting for.

The Healthist movement is nothing short of a socialist agenda for our country, and all the countries of the world where they are operating.

One wonders if our troops are not more needed at home to defend our republic, before we become internationally recognized as a Socialist Union.



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