It would be interesting to know what kind of political arm-twisting Afghanistan has been subjected to by the International Monetary Fund (which works closely with the World Health Organization gangsters) to impose antismoking culture and the statistical fraud all over the world. Plagued by the war and producing 90% of the world’s heroin, Afghanistan has more serious problems to deal with than smoking cigarettes.
But not in today’s "global governance" scenario. Indeed, the tobacco smokescreen is very useful to hide the reality of a moral and political schizophrenia. Just as the "virtual" nature of the five million never-demonstrable “tobacco-related” yearly deaths in the world, created on the WHO’s computers with dishonesty and imagination, must be hidden. They are useful to cover the 5 million real, monofactorial and scientifically demonstrable deaths due to malaria caused by the WHO’s prohibition of DDT. When it comes to malaria’s real deaths, however, the “delete” key on the WHO’s computers was hit long ago.



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