“Defiant MPs at the House of Commons are planning to ignore the national smoking ban being imposed on the rest of the country next month. From July 1, anyone lighting up in pubs, clubs, restaurants and offices in England faces a £50 fine. And authorities have decided to extend the ban to Westminster – which has traditionally been exempt from many laws because of its status as a palace – to avoid charges of ‘hypocrisy’. But politicians are plotting to continue smoking in their own offices, which they usually share with just an assistant. … One veteran MP, who does not wish to be named, said: ‘I don’t see why I can’t continue to smoke in the privacy of my own office?“

He will see it since it is the social/cultural engineering agenda to control our behaviour and to promote pharmaceuticals. It is to show to all that “public health”, never elected by the people, is in charge – politically – to the point of punishing whatever behaviour it does not like, even harmless ones. It is to make the point (and set the precedent) that private property and personal rights mean nothing next to an institutional fraud – nothing at all, Mr. anonymous MP.

Furthermore, there should be very little to “plot” about. Smoking is a right, the “dangers” of passive smoke are a fraud. Smoking is our culture, while not one death can be scientifically proven to be caused by smoking. A fraud-based law that oppresses the liberty of any “minority” is to be ignored by all – for if the heaven of some is to be the hell others, then the ruler can only be the Devil. One thing is certain, anyway: plotting and hiding will not cut it. Either one bends over in the name of “health” or smokes – right in their faces – in the name of freedom: heroes in disguise are jokes in the making.

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