If you need more proof that we are living in deranged times, just read this piece from Alabama, it says it all. “Employees of this American state who don’t try to lose weight will have to pay part of their health insurance premiums. It may sound heavy-handed, but the workers’ lobbying group is not complaining.”

In fact, the group is not complaining at all, because its leaders, who are supposed to defend the people they represent from these kind of attacks, have the same ideological Nazi mentality matrix as the bureaucrats they are supposed to protect the workers from. Here: “Mac McArthur, the executive director of the Alabama State Employees Association, said the plan is not designed to punish employees. ‘It’s a positive,’ he said.”

There you go. Give me a bloody nose in the name of (my) health. It is not an attack. It is not blackmail. It is not violence. It is just an act of love – the way to say “I love you” by the 21st century Nazi’s, who also loved Germans very much. Those who are opposed will not be heard, they will be ignored and dismissed. Better yet, they will not be hired. Why? Because, like being a smoker, fat is “bad”. Why is it bad? Because trash epidemiology says so. Because health “authorities” that lie to the people say so. Because evidence that shows that being "overweight" may even be good for you is hidden and ignored.

And the employers have all the interest in the world to dump part of their contributions onto the employee, of course. The absurd cost of health care is mainly due to the dishonesty of the health care system, where doctors make millions of dollars a year and Big Pharma billions and billions, along with the insurance companies that make just about the same. But those are unreachable by the employers. It is much easier to squash and blackmail the defenseless, the person who needs to work and has the misfortune of having a lifestyle that is in the target of the Industry of Fraud. It is easier to sing the song of “health” along with the “authorities”, and force your people to change their lives. It is “for their own good” and it suits your wallet. It is a 100% win-win situation because those who lose will not be counted.

There you have it. What are you prepared to do to defend yourselves since your representatives have sold out to the ideology? Whatever it is, don’t do what the smokers did: comply. If you do, they will simply find something else to blame you for, and to make you pay for your own health insurance, which is what they want in the first place. In the contemporary squalid parade of hypocrisy, the absurdity is that they want to pay for you only if you cost them nothing.

Defending stupidity with more stupidity – Since you are there, also read the idiotic comments of Annette (first after the article at the moment), as they are a splendid example of criticizing corruption and stupidity with idiocy: “No doubt health concerns cost but employees are not entirely to blame. If you surround a person with an abundance of fatty and sugary foods, and provide them with the cues to ensure they consume them. How then can you justify blaming them for getting fat?” Clearly, Annette says that people are stupid, and that the only way to “protect them” is to FORBID the presence of fatty and sugary foods, just like cigarette displays, that are now forbidden in many places. Are you stupid, dear reader?…

Ignored intelligence – Fortunately there are also people like Jim (second after Annette), who keeps high the torch of logic and reason: “Sorry Nate, but the foolish people are those who think that these types of things are ok and justifiable, as long as it is others who are targeted. What happens when it becomes your turn? If you support things such as this, can you still profess outrage when it’s your turn? I’m not obese, far from it, but I think it’s ludicrous to follow along like cattle, and then cry when it’s your ox that’s gored.” Not that Annette will understand that until it is too late, of course. Then the idiot will whine a bit, resent a lot and comply totally. Public health will then spend Annette’s compliance as approval to convince other Annettes to do the same. Public health does not care about your respect, only about your obedience.

Let us conclude this display of idiocy with a remark that is idiotic only on the surface. We live in a democracy, and in a democracy majority rules. If, in Alabama, America, or wherever, the majority is comprised of idiots and intellectually debased people, should intelligent people be punished because they refuse the mentality and the laws that the aforementioned debased idiots are laying down, and become/behave like them?

We leave you with that question that, as you can see, is not idiotic at all.



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