Companion bills in both the Alabama Senate (SB155) and House of Representatives (HB478) aim to end the disparity of local ordinances by enforcing a statewide ban on smoking in public places.

A few in Alabama wishes to end the DISPARITY of local ordinances. For disparity read objections.

Tired of dealing with objections, lawsuits and protests at local levels, the Big Guns are pushing for a statewide ban in Alabama. Senator Vivian Figures introduced SB155 and will likely see it pushed through by force. It makes smoking a CRIME in Alabama with all the attendant funding for law enforcement. More state taxes.

It is impossibe to obtain copies of unpopular prohibition bills so I have written to my Representative, Mike Ball, requesting these copies. It is hoped that he will respond and that I will be able to place them here for all to see.

Mike Ball has already informed me he vehemently opposes this bill.



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