A statewide Alabaman smoking ban may be avoided at least until the next session of the Legislature.

We are all hoping that a ban in Alabama can be avoided. On February 29th I was interviewed by Regina Raccuglia at Channel 31 news here in Alabama. I voiced my opposition to the statewide smoking ban which is being considered by our legislators. This bill, if passed, will be considered an Act and will provide a whole new policing regime funded by Alabama citizens.

Since the time of my TV interview, and as of early April, little mention is being made about this bill. The legislators have a limited amount of time to enact all the many legislations they are considering so we can hope that once again, as happened last year, the smoking ban will fall by the wayside for now. It will of course likely be brought up again next year. We have to keep fighting all the time.

Please click the link below to view my February 29 interview with Regina Raccuglia. Note also the brief comments by ban proponent Chris Tuck, a carping prig, if ever there was one.



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