Eureka! My colleagues woke up: They realized that behind the relentless propaganda about the vaccine against influenza A there is Big Pharma.
In Sanità Quotidiana (a daily mail sent to subscribing doctors via it is reported the following information regarding the H1N1 vaccine:

<In the hospital of Ancona, 90 per cent of the doctors said no, at the hospital of San Martino of Genova,2,300 out of 3,000 refused it, at the Polyclinic of Messina out of of 1,800, between doctors and nurses, only 650 have signed consent, in Palermo, Oncology Center of the Civic, only two white coats out of 8 gave their support to the vaccine, at Milan’s San Carlo out of 1,200 employees 400 have declined to respond.

Widens, then, the front of dissident doctors who do not want to get vaccinated against influenza A. The health professional people, considered among the categories at risk, were the first invited but they overwhelmingly have agreed to refuse prophylaxis. A response totally unexpected especially from the Ministry of Welfare.
After the family doctors now even the hospitals have coped. Certainly it is hard to support the campaign with a medical profession that has taken a step backwards. Just like the colleagues in the rest of Europe: in France, for example, the percentage of doctors vaccinated is only the 60%>.

Well done gentlemen. You realized that the maneuvers of the influenza pandemic are the pharmaceutical companies producers of the vaccine. The tactic is like the one used in the antismoking campaign. Of course, cigarette’s smoke, not diesel’s: the latter does not concern Big Pharma and, therefore, the WHO.



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