A few days ago I read comments about the latest paranoia over wood burning that some of my colleagues put up. Needless to say, I agree with all the comments. Then I read the actual article by Julie Mellum.

Upon reading the piece, I could not help but reflect on how deranged and alien our cultures have become. Perhaps arrogantly, I consider myself a rational representative of that realistic, pragmatic and truly progressive mentality that put us on the Moon amongst millions of cigarettes smoked at the flight control centres. Since the Moon landing, however, I have noticed an ever-increasing split of the popular thinking into two directions. One is similar to mine, and the other is that of the anti/healthist/environmentalist/prevention buffs, etc. The Anti types want essentially to sterilize our souls, bodies, and environment and make the world much like an operating theatre, the hushed and antiseptic chamber which “public health” seems to take as its model of society in the first place.

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