Only ministries of “health” and antitobacco activists can be corrupt enough to say something like that nowadays – and in fact they do in spite of squashing evidence.
Here is reality from the UK:

“Britain’s pubs are closing at the rate of 67 a month as beer sales slump to a record low. Bars are selling 50 million fewer pints of beer a month than they were a year ago. Alarming new figures show beer sales dropped by almost 10 per cent during December – normally the busiest time of the year. The UK’s £6bn-a-year pub industry has been hit by a growing move toward drinking at home with cheap supermarket booze and the smoking ban. In the 1970s, 90 per cent of beer was drunk in pubs, compared with just 58 per cent today.”

What are the pub owners doing about that? Some courageous ones rebel, but most still obey – and go bankrupt.

Much more needs to be done: total strikes, invasions of city halls, traffic blocking, marches on London. British pub owners should turn to Freedom to Choose for much more on how to fight the health tyrant. They should not be impressed by the size of the tyrant, either; the bigger it is, the harder it falls – and then there shall be justice rendered.

In the meantime, smokers stay home … if you haven’t the pride to take to the streets.



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