Every once in a while, we source a song of defiance against smoking bans. This one is from veteran British rock band The Pretty Things, which is offering the song All Light Up as a download, accompanied by

a "rant" which basically says it all about what’s happening in the UK today — how one of the proudest countries in the world has slumped into a mentality of indifference and an acceptance of authoritarian — indeed, increasingly totalitarian — government. The band’s website and the download can be accessed here. As for the social message, we can’t say better than the band’s own "rant" on the subject:
"In ‘Free Britain’ we live in the most tightly regulated, closely monitored and wholly subjugated society in any country in the world. Our few remaining rights are being withdrawn wholesale and replaced by evermore demanding and grasping demands, imposed by a Draconian Administration.
Big Brother is here, and he’s brought the whole family along for the ride…
We British live in a monarchy, are subjects of the Crown, but have given up our Crown granted right to freely visit the seat of our ruling monarch, without a murmur of protest…
Our lifestyle, our personal details, our finances, our transport, even our habits; have all fallen under the intense scrutiny of a paranoid government obsessed with absolute power and the total control of its’ citizens. Everywhere we see cameras: traffic cameras, garage cameras, town and country cameras, airport and shopping mall cameras, big cameras, little cameras…
…they monitor us wherever we are up to 300 times a day.
Our house sales, savings, inheritances and finances are taxed to the hilt, and then our personal
spending is monitored and taxed again. We have NO REAL FREEDOM –- ABSOLUTELY NONE. And we are slowly becoming more and more apathetic and incapable of making any effort to force change, even where change is long overdue and desired by every single one of us.
And now… we can’t even smoke any more."




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