Australia is a world capital of anti-tobacco fanaticism. We present two commentaries here on a revealing situation regarding a casino.

It’s no secret that the "anti" pathology has far more activities in the crosshairs than merely smoking.

In the article we link with below, anti-topbacco is giving everyone who cares to look a fleeting glimpse at the true nature of their poisonous agenda. Extreme anger sometimes leads to speaking before thinking and this article gives a somewhat rare view of the enemy with its guard down. The opening paragraph speaks volumes (emphasis added):

"Plans for an open air gambling area at Sydney’s Star City Casino have sparked criticism from anti-smoking groups who want the New South Wales Government to ban smoking and gambling at the same time."

Followed later with this vaguely inscrutable quote from the local Action on Smoking and Health operative:

"We know that problem gamblers have very high smoking rates. This is basically setting up areas for addicted people so they don’t have to walk away from machines."

The Australian Antis are livid that gamblers will have the luxury of savoring a smoke while playing the pokies even if it is outside, while it’s hard to tell if this scold is trying to blame gambling on smoking, or vice-versa.

So what does this have to do with the non-existent "risk" of ETS exposure? Absolutely nothing of course but that’s not news for anyone who’s been paying any attention at all for the last thirty years or so. We have paid attention. If you didn’t know, note it now, ETS is merely the usual ruse, but prohibition is always the goal.

De-normalization by artificial means is the prohibitionist modus operandi and forbidding smoking in any situation of dignity or comfort is a key component of the plan. If you think the "anti" impulse is restricted to tobacco, once again, you are not paying attention.


Of course smoking is banned indoors most everywhere in Australia. So a casino in Sydney, New South Wales, wants to put some gambling machines into an open-air lounge where gamblers could smoke.

This would still leave ninety per cent of such machines in non-smoking rooms; however, having ninety per cent is never nearly enough for anti-smoking activists, and the reaction of Anne Jones, a representative of Action on Smoking and Health, is very telling: "If the government doesn’t stop this trend we will just see all or most of NSW’s poker machines moved into smoking areas."

Therefore she recognizes that most people want freedom to smoke. Ask her, and she’ll deny that, but she just told us so, didn’t she? ETS, always a ruse, is naturally not even mentioned in this context.

The government profits from gambling, and a government spokesman says there is no plan to ban gambling in open-air lounges, but don’t count on that in the long run.

There are stronger compulsions even than greed. One of those is sadism. The government’s sadistic pleasure in denying personal liberty will likely overcome its avarice before long.

That is what anti-smoking history, and the history of other forms of fanaticism, have told us. We are where we are because our governments are increasingly inflamed with fanatical ideology.

The problem is institutional and it will not stop of its own. The essential depravity of contemporary anti-smoking is boundless. Our enemy can only be destroyed by force and every force necessary is justified.



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