A bill to ban smoking in so-called public places has been passed to the Alabama Senate for consideration.
Puzzled Alabama’s residents wonder why, during this time of economic upheaval, their representatives are wasting time and money on an "problem" that needs no fixing. Currently nonsmokers have every right to avoid places where smoking occurs. The state is full of restaurants where the owners have chosen not to allow smoking. Since sane nonsmokers and certainly smokers have no interest in this issue it is fascinating why a state senator is wasting everyone’s time on legislation that can only worsen the economic condition of the state.

An examination of her correspondence and meeting calendar would reveal that rather than spending time dealing with Alabama’s real problems the senator behind the smoking ban has been spending time with lobbyists funded by the pharmaceutical industry discussing legislation designed to put taxpaying restaurant and bar owners out of business. Alabamans would be advised to alert this senator that she needs to understand she was elected to represent her constituents, not front groups for Big Drugs.



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