Adolf Hitler, fulminating anti-smoker, wanted a total prohibition of tobacco use amongst his Reich’s military forces. Germany’s military leaders begged the Führer not to kill morale in this way. He acceded very reluctantly to allowing limited tobacco rations along with other oppressive restrictions on smokers in the ranks.

The liberty of Allied forces to smoke was frequently cited in journalism and in literature as symbolic of the forces of freedom, in contrast to the oppressive and oppressed Nazis, and their smoker-hating Führer.

With the rise of the new Health Nazism it’s no surprise that today’s Antis in the USA are proposing a 100 per cent ban on smoking by active duty military persons (CBS News link) (stored).

What will be surprising to the Antis, however, is the strong public opposition to that: as of 17 July, better than eighty-two per cent of respondents to an MSNBC poll (link) (stored) disagreed, most of them strongly, with imposition of such a policy.

That number is strikingly similar to the eighty-three per cent who oppose prohibition of tobacco in general, according to a recent Gallup poll (link).

These sorts of numbers are coming in quite consistently now. Today’s Antis are wading in an increasingly deep political cesspool. Old Adolf surely enjoys their company down there. Likes have always attracted.

Anti lovers at CBS and MSNBC will be terribly disappointed at signs of increasing disgust with the all-holy smoker pogrom. They’re welcome to stew in the sewer as well.

As a side note, the famed CBS reporter (and avid pipe smoker) Walter Cronkite has passed away, at age ninety-two (link) (stored). Cronkite first came to prominence reporting on the war against Hitler. Too bad his colleagues in the American press would today consider him an undesirable at the field of battle or in their newsrooms.

Keep defying Health Nazism. Keep your friends close and let the rest share company with the filth they choose. Keep smokin’ if you wanna and enjoy the summer too. We’ll be back with regular publication beginning 4 September and may again interrupt our summer vacation occasionally with other news in the meantime.



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