Mike McConnell’s popular WLW radio show featured one of our strongest free choice activists, Hawaii’s Dave Crowley, for the first ten minutes of his show in preparation for "World Defiance Day 2!" The bar owners in Hawaii are furious at the losses in tourism that have resulted from Hawaii’s ban. Hawaii is very dependent on Japanese tourism for the success of its hospitality industry and even for its general economy. Japanese outgoing tourism is up by 5% at the same time that Hawaii’s incoming Japanese tourism is down by 7%.

The Hawaiian ban is not only hurting bars and restaurants, not only hurting hospitality workers and smokers, but is taking a sharp stab into the lives and livelihoods of ALL Hawaiians as their economy is battered despite the climate friendly conditions for outdoor smoking. The Hawaii Smokers Alliance has said "ENOUGH!" and is mobilizing to sweep the pro-ban politicians out of office in November. They had worked hard for over a year building legislative support to defeat their ban only to have the vote denied by a controlling subgroup of Antismokers at the top of the legislative ladder. They are ANGRY!

What’s made Hawaii different? Why has Hawaii stood up and made a stink while so many other states have simply rolled over and surrendered? A lot of the credit goes to a few dedicated free choice activists who have put in hundreds of hours educating bar owners, staff, and legislators about the lies behind the ban and the reality of being able to fight it. Mike McConnell’s excellent interview with Dave Crowley offers the voice of one of those activists and you’ll feel his energy come across louder than a Hawaiian volcano as he rolls the Hawaiians into World Day of Defiance 2!

You can listen to the podcast from the Mick McCown show (mainly the first ten minutes or so, though at the 15 minute point and some after he’s got some good call-in action!) at the links below.



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