Canadian journalist George Jonas speaks largely for us – the free, the smokers, the independent. In our time of grey homogeneity, scant intelligence and blind vision, this piece is a breath of fresh air and realism. It also explains why the issues of personal freedom of lifestyle, institutional integrity and intellectual honesty cannot find a home with either the left or right. That is because, as Jonas explains, today’s left and right are “birds of a feather. Their policies may be diametrically opposed; [but] their mindsets are near-identical.”

Society is infested with collectivist socialism and with the consequential political correctness. The base stupidity lies in the belief that a room full of idiots makes a collective genius. That a consensus of opinions constitutes scientific proof. That the majority – real or perceived – has the duty and the right to force the minority to become like them, as the majority is right by sheer numbers. Those are the fundamentally wrong assumptions of the inadequate and the sheep.

Here are significant excerpts that readers of FORCES can identify themselves with:

“The West’s silliest overtaxed, interfering, regulatory, bylaw-ridden, equality-obsessed, humourless, euphemized, seat-belted, human-rights-censored, body-searched, photo-ID’d, gun-smoke-carbon-calorie-and-taste-free loony-left utopia of politically correctness — say, Ontario — still cannot hold a candle to even such idyllic totalitarian states as Il Duce’s Italy, El Caudillo’s postwar Spain or Comrade Gorbachev’s imploding Soviet Union.”

Not yet – but the collectivists are working hard to get us all there.

“People who think of government as the problem and liberty as the solution are classical liberals.”

It follows that those who think of liberty as the problem and government as the solution are the neo-socialists, the fascists, the collectivists and the obtuse – in our particular case, the antismokers and “public health”.

“Classical liberals who can’t find a home in Europe’s Christian Democratic, America’s Republican or Canada’s Conservative parties, usually drift to single issue movements, such as smokers’ rights, gun-lobby or free-speech.”

And that explains us – the proud, the thinkers, the enlightened, and the honest.

The indomitable few that, as it has always happened in history, will make the difference and will rule the many — as the many will be their own undoing.



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