Being a member of the elitist ruling class, I ascribe 100% to the concept of Utilitarian Bioethics, now being taught as truth in many colleges around our nation.

I stand six feet tall. My skin is an unblemished milky white. My eyes like two emeralds survey the ugliness below me. I am truly an Aryan Amazon. My genetics are impeccable. Being female, I am sought after by hordes of males of my species, hoping to propagate their own little genes, vastly improved by my incredible beauty and splendid haughtiness. Their progeny may gain through me entry into the elitist ruling class.

I richly deserve my exalted status. My fittingly elitist vision of the world can be described as follows. The world can be a beautiful place if changes are made to suit me. Firstly, ugliness is not an option. People who are "useless consumers" must be eliminated quickly. Those who fall into this category are the elderly, the disabled, the drunks, the smokers, and particulary fat people. (Fat people offend my eyes.)

Ultimately, with all these useless people finally gone from the face of the earth, our esteemed eugenicists will be free to enforce reproduction only of perfect people. Of course we will step up the practice of vivisection on animals (or shall I say simply on inferiors) to make sure that our world remains free of disease. This can only be done by cutting apart live inferiors to see how diseases affect them in relation to us. Do they feel? What is that to me?

My elitist vision is presently being accomplished by the use of Utilitarian Bioethics, by physicians who deny treatment to those who stubbornly refuse to stop smoking or thin down (so as not to offend my beautiful eyes), by the implementation of bans on smoking (my gorgeous hair and skin should never be intruded upon by even the smallest whiff of smoke, the scent of which apalls me), and altogether most effectively, by eugenically proper laws which totally forbid all this ugliness.

It is hoped that within the next few years my world vision will be completed. Shall you be expunged by the elite? What is that to me?



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