We realize that this news is no way compensates for the beginning of the British ban, but it is good news nevertheless. One of the oldest spreaders of disinformation on the effects of smoking on health is shutting down. We are talking about Tobacco.org

Fed by large pharmaceutical funding, Tobacco.org has been one of the big mouthpieces of the pharmaceutical industry for years, spreading hatred against smokers and against the tobacco industry while riding the gravy train. But, for reasons that are not totally clear, the money feed has dried up.
Of course, big boys like Tobacco.org do not bother with small donations. They just don’t pay enough: the con men are in for the big game, because the “ideology” is simply not enough to justify volunteer work. We can understand that: spreading false and distorted information is only worth it if there is serious money involved — especially in the absence of morality or principles. But lying for nothing is just too much work.
That’s the difference between pushing the truth and pushing a fraud: those who push the former – such as FORCES – do it for nothing and the donations have always gone to the fight against the industry of fraud, 100% of them — and nothing in our pocket. Why? Because we have the ideology of truth, and we have decided that we’ll never “get used” to a socially acceptable fraud. We therefore have the MOTIVATION, and we do not need to be paid to fight. And yes, we do appreciate small donations.
Those who push antitobacco, instead, need fat paycheques because there is no motivation – and, perhaps, there is a need for monetary compensation to keep conscience under control instead. That is why the key to the destruction of the industry of fraud is to cut the money – or at least to create political and social problems to make the antitobacco enterprise too expensive to sustain. It worked for alcohol prohibition. It will work for tobacco prohibition too. It’s an inescapable law of economics – and history always repeats itself.

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