Hold onto your stomach and read this paper by a convinced Health Nazi. It’s worth knowing about as an example of the morally blind zealousness of Healthism. It is important to review evidence of the rot at the core of institutional integrity. This paper is hateful. There is one value in it. When society can be convinced to take balanced perspective such hatefulness shall be finally and fully recognised. When the light of reason shines on papers such as this they will serve formidably toward the "denormalization" of antitobacco.
"Denormalizing" of smokers is what this paper is all about. It is written by Simon Chapman, a fanatically dedicated Health Nazi whose work for the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council has been judicially cited for withholding "unfavourable" data which demonstrated that passive smoking is not harmful.

Our readers know that scare-mongering and deceit are godly virtues in the eyes of Antitobacco. Judicial rebuke for such has not led to Chapman’s expulsion from the "scientific community." Of course not. He remains an important figure in the crooked network of "Tobacco Control" (and is editor of a widely-read journal bearing that title) and has also in recent years been a consultant to the World Health Organization.

Along with many other "health" institutions, the WHO unabashedly makes clear that it supports epidemiological fraud and fraudsters. Fanatical ideology turns morality, thus standards of individual esteem, on their heads. That and those are celebrated which serve "public health" social engineering, propaganda, and the commercial interests of its official pharmaceutical partners, producers and sellers of smoking cessation and antidepressant trash. Service to the fanatical cause is the sole criterion of worth. Such is the nature of the WHO and of "public health" organizations generally.

We say that Chapman is a convinced Health Nazi. We believe that he believes, that his thoughts begin with the conclusion of Healthist superiority and infallibility, and end with the necessity of exterminating non-believers. The "lifestyle epidemiology" that comes between the conclusion and the policy does not really entail any thought when used by such an ideologue. It’s a tool, like a wrench, used to warp reality to fit ideological preconception.

The pseudo-science, simply eugenics renamed, is the tool and the excuse for the ideological enormities. Eugenics ravaged the twentieth century, as a worldwide movement, more entrenched in the USA than in Germany, previous to Hitler’s rise. Most people forget that. We prefer to think the ideology which led to the Holocaust was unique to Germany but that is not so. The eugenics ideology simply found its greatest fulfillment under its most appreciative regime. Today’s Healthism, and Antitobacco, are direct descendants of eugenics. The believers are intellectually and morally hopeless.

Eugenicists can be humiliated, they may run and hide, but they very rarely recant. The hate becomes hard-wired into their brains. Their shamelessness is a pronounced identifying characteristic. Read Chapman’s paper in this light. He feels no shame. Actually, he is beamingly proud of his nauseating ideology, so in this paper he tells it like it is.

That’s the value of the paper. That’s what will be seen and reviled when the ideological cloud now befouling our societies can be dissipated. Chapman speaks freely here of humiliating and destroying his neighbours. He speaks of vicious hatred as if it was a normal and decent, indeed a virtue, once again along the lines of his eugenic predecessors.

The blind ideologue blandly desribes schools of stigmatization, social denormalization, and “pervasive markers of the ‘spoiled identity’ of smoking, smokers and the tobacco industry”. He is listened to blandly today as his predecessors once were, but do not doubt, history tells us, this will change. It is too dark to tell now, but at a time we cannot yet foresee, day will again follow night. We hope it comes in time for Simon Chapman to see his reckoning.

Know thine enemy: that is simple reason enough to read this paper – although we do recommend you do so on an empty stomach. Note that what Chapman describes WORKS (the hatred against smokers in the countries at “advanced tobacco control”, as he describes it, is proof.) In time it will come to work against him and his sick cause.

Fascism turns everything upside down: the abnormal becomes normal, bad becomes good, hate a virtue, crooks leaders, and on and on. Chapman’s treasured "denormalization," is of course in plain terms, vilification. Preachers of hatred, when recognized as such, vilify themselves. When good once again becomes normal, the vilifiers shall self-denormalize, God speed the day.

Contemporary antitobacco is an evil. It cannot be reasoned with. It must be forcefully reversed. This will take work. It will take time. When we have turned this situation sufficiently that the light shines on it, the ultimate self-destruction of antitobacco, the collapse of its hateful foundation, shall occur. In the meantime we must resist, we must destabilize, we must keep one eye always on the enemy, and the other always on the light that is still there: when these two visions meet we will have won.

Hint to readers: chain-smoking while reading Chapman’s article will help avoid nausea!



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